Stuck ghost problem and possible solutions

I was running with my ghost in Carpathian Fangs and fell from a cliff in the army base that leads to the tower for one of the last missions in that part of the story. The ghost could not move. I tried various things:

“/stuck” got the message “you can’t use /stuck in combat”
“shf-T” brought up the teleport menu but did not work
“/reset” did nothing
“/reloadui” did nothing
Pulling up the map and trying to transport to a regional anima well did nothing

What finally got me out was “shf-v” and choosing a Solo Elite scenario, which immediately transported me, alive, to the Castle.

I wonder whether people have had similar experiences and what solutions they might have come up with.

When I get stuck falling, I generally first give it a go trying to frantically jump in every direction, just in case something catches.

When it doesn’t, if my character is alive, I use /reset. If they’re in ghost form, I relog, which puts your character on nearby solid ground once you log back in.

I think I’ve had it happen once or twice where I was “in combat” (but bugged, so nothing was attacking me to whittle my health down) when I got stuck, and was unable to /reset or relog properly, because you can’t log out when in combat. Pretty sure I had to alt-F4 for that one, to about the same effect as relogging.

Krampus’s flare unlock you every time when you’re alive, I keep a stack after each event each year.
I have never tried them as a ghost, but I’m not sure they can be used in this case.

meeting up on someone often works too, though it’s a pain as you then have to zone back again

First I thought: This is odd…than I saw that you were in ghost form. Generally getting stuck in ghost form is bad…Cotsg teaches that to many. And obviously things like reset don’t work when you are already dead.
Depending on were you are stuck you sometimes can dodge out or the opening of a menu like the inventory or the esc menu for a little while gets you unstuck but it really differs wildly from instance to instance. Also I recently realized that the free anima teleport to argatha differs from other jumps when I eh…dropped out of the theater in london.

Yeah, I explored that area in TSW because someone called out in Sanctuary that they were stuck and couldn’t get out. So, of course, I…

Grouped up and went to where they were and got my self stuck :smiley:

Scenarios work, as does meeting up on someone (but, as said, you have to zone back in/get back to where you were).

That area, as a note, Mel, it’s possible to get stuck and unable to get free. It’s the Breach in Carp Fangs, if you die, and then go and fall into the Breach, you’re… yeah. There is one point you can get to to jump out of the area, but that’s a super small one that I only found because I was putzing around down there.

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This is the area I’m talking about, which I got out of by entering a solo scenario.