Stuck in beds and floors after logging in also items missing after logging in

every time I log in I get stuck my character will not move no matter what tile im on be it bed or floor and some friends have items missing after logging in…they log out have every thing and log and its all missing this needs to be fixed…

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I don’t know about the missing item issue, although i 've heard a lot of complaints about it, it never happen to me. For the others i confirm 100%

Hello @Arch_Angel795, the rubberbanding issue will be addressed in the upcoming hotfix.

Regarding the missing items, are you playing in an official server or in a singleplayer-coop session?

Are there any relevant messages in the Event Log regarding the missing items?

i do not know it has not happened to me just a friend I know of

but i am on an offical pve server

Please ask your friend to provide any relevant information that is present on the event log regarding his death and loss of items. It’s likely that his character died while offline due to temperature or other circumstances, as the bodies persist while players are offline.

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