Stuck in Combat bug in South Africa

The being stuck in combat for several seconds after everything is dead bug seems to happen everywhere in SA at night.

That’s a global thing. Can hit you everywhere.

Sadly I have no clue what could cause it.

yeah got the same buyg, it happens sometimesin other zones but at night in NEw dawn it’s 100%.


Need it also 100% trigger down on the ice river in CF.

For me it triggers when you fight the first hyenas in Things That Go Bump in the Night, as a workaround if you do a /reset you get rid of the bug for the rest of the mission, it’s worth that 100 shards :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here, It looks like they don’t despawn properly when they die.

It´s mostly because of the Kangomatos that are flying around before landing on their specific roofs. That´s at least what is causing this bug for me. As soon as I see a flying Pterratodon-human-being above me I avoid combat at all cost. Hadn´t this stuck in combat issue since then.

I didn’t notice significant combat issues with kangomatos but I usually kill them when they engage me

Talked to @TronQuixote about it a few months ago. Gave a suggestion on a debug feature and he said he’d look into it, but I haven’t heard anything back.

I have only noticed this during Bump in the Night. Visiting the map at night, outside of missions, all the spawns are the same. Same birds on the same roofs, same Hyenas in the alleys, same annoying never land birds and even the spots that trigger faux combat (if you use pistols your dials turn to a matched white set). The still in combat after combat pause is gone, however.

Soon as you’re done fighting, combat ends just fine.

Visiting the night map with ‘Bump in the Night’ active will 100% trigger this issue. Something is running during this mission that keeps you in combat well after a fight is over.

I assumed it wouldn’t be, but I’ll still give a poke once in a while to make sure nobody forgets about it. :stuck_out_tongue: