Stuck in my purple Morninglight jumpsuit


I can’t get out of the jumpsuit you get when achieving Anointed rank in New Dawn. The dressing room tells me I’m wearing the old spy tux, but the graphics are clearly showing me in the jumpsuit all the time. No way to remove it. Has been like this for over a week now and it is starting to smell.


Is your inventory full when you try to remove the uniform? That can cause issues with clothes changing.


No, not even closely.


Just to make sure… have you gone to the uniforms section of the dressing room to remove it? You could still be wearing all the individual pieces of the spy tux and be wearing a uniform over it, since they are one piece and override everything except hat/head pieces.


Thanks! That actually helped. The confusing thing was that you put the jumpsuit on as individual chest and leg pieces and then had to remove them as uniform as well.

In addition to me thinking that I could put on enttire Spy tux at once from the Clothing set menue which wasn’t how it was working.


There is a mod called Boo Builds, that can be used to manage different outfits and makes changing from one to the other relatively quick and easy once you’ve saved it. Weather uniforms or separate pieces.