Stuck under Bison

Melee fighting Bison frequently gets me stuck under their neck/shoulders area. Once there it is a kill or be killed situation. I can’t dodge/roll out.

same happens with king rhino in exiled lands so i guess they share the hitboxes (bison is bassically a reskin of rhino) what i have found that works every time is turn ur back to the beast and jump away! gets me unstuck every time (i play in exiled lands so far , so this is jus a hypothesis- but u can try it and let us know!)


this makes sense. I just had the same thing happen with rhinos in Siptah too. The Rhino boss also did it to my thrall and smashed her into the ground. Fortunately spamming the move orders managed to get her free after a bit, otherwise I’d have had to depart the area to free her (most likely).

Greetings @sirvink,

Thanks for reporting this unpleasant situation with Bisons. We’ll ask our team to take a look into it.

Make sure to get back to us if you find any other wildlife erratic behavior on our Lands :slight_smile:

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