Stumbled on this old thread


Although it was initially fun to observe you two in this weird little mating dance you have, the novelty has worn off at least 10 posts back and now it’s just depressing.


You really are unable to see that both games – and many others – take a regular dip in September and October every year? That’s just one of the ways your “analysis” is flawed, but not the worst one.

Here, let’s go over the data:

So the very first version of the rules was announced and published in April 2020. Let’s look at the Steam Charts data for Conan Exiles around that time:

Despite the immediate complaints on these forums about how this would kill the game – because everything Funcom ever does is guaranteed to kill the game right away – I can see nothing spectacularly bad in the population trends there.

Fast forward to September 2021, when the rules were updated last:

Yeah, that doesn’t look like the doomsday, either.

Here’s the thing, though. This is what the whole graph looks like:

What’s the pattern here? It’s mostly people flocking to the game when there’s some event to generate interest – be it the release, a big update, a free weekend, or an event – followed by an inevitable decline as people lose interest. And you can actually check that: every one of those peaks was stimulated by some kind of marketing push.

I don’t know what that tells you, but to me, that’s spells “niche game”. Conan Exiles is not as popular as COD, Rust, or Fortnite, and that’s totally fine with me. If I wanted to play COD or Rust or Fortnite, I would go play one of those, but I happen to like Conan Exiles.

Most importantly, what’s the long-term trend?

Growth. That right there is growth. Slow? Definitely, but it’s a far cry from “tHiS gAmE iS dYiNg”.

Or at least, that’s the situation on PC, as reported via Steam. Consoles are a different story.

So this whole story about how the new rules are killing the game is déjà moo, i.e. I’ve seen that bull before.

If anything is holding this game back, it’s the fact that changes that should be fast are slow, changes that should be slow are fast, and Funcom can’t keep their promises to communicate better.