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What countet evidence? You basically just stated other games without articles and link. Do i have to link all this information for your own counter evidence?

Well agree that number will include non-officals but you have to understand that a course of several years average with dates of release update, changes and summer breaks are all factors as well. This will give pin point data on drops or increase.

I literally went to the site you linked. You are my citation pal

You stated that ark was affected as well but all I see is consistent.

I posted a screenshot of this exact page. Scroll down for your own answer

I guarantee that the number playing on non-officials that decided to stop playing because of official server mergers or policy changes is infinitesimally low.

Non-officals is debatable on what has occured. Could range from bad admin or server shutdown.

I am basing on dates and flucts on when it occured. We do this at work to determine if a new feature or existing feature is being used more or less. I am going base on the information I have found and personal experience between members. More data always better in any case.

Your data is flawed as you fail to account for external factors and don’t look outside of one niche sample to verify your claims. This is why I posted statistics for other games all suffering from player dips at the same times. If you choose to ignore external data and label it trolling in a professional setting, I’m just as surprised you’re still there as I am you’re still here

Yah i dont see your dips and I used two sources one with a bigger data pool. I dont see your post just ranting on with messages.


Although it was initially fun to observe you two in this weird little mating dance you have, the novelty has worn off at least 10 posts back and now it’s just depressing.


You really are unable to see that both games – and many others – take a regular dip in September and October every year? That’s just one of the ways your “analysis” is flawed, but not the worst one.

Here, let’s go over the data:

So the very first version of the rules was announced and published in April 2020. Let’s look at the Steam Charts data for Conan Exiles around that time:

Despite the immediate complaints on these forums about how this would kill the game – because everything Funcom ever does is guaranteed to kill the game right away – I can see nothing spectacularly bad in the population trends there.

Fast forward to September 2021, when the rules were updated last:

Yeah, that doesn’t look like the doomsday, either.

Here’s the thing, though. This is what the whole graph looks like:

What’s the pattern here? It’s mostly people flocking to the game when there’s some event to generate interest – be it the release, a big update, a free weekend, or an event – followed by an inevitable decline as people lose interest. And you can actually check that: every one of those peaks was stimulated by some kind of marketing push.

I don’t know what that tells you, but to me, that’s spells “niche game”. Conan Exiles is not as popular as COD, Rust, or Fortnite, and that’s totally fine with me. If I wanted to play COD or Rust or Fortnite, I would go play one of those, but I happen to like Conan Exiles.

Most importantly, what’s the long-term trend?

Growth. That right there is growth. Slow? Definitely, but it’s a far cry from “tHiS gAmE iS dYiNg”.

Or at least, that’s the situation on PC, as reported via Steam. Consoles are a different story.

So this whole story about how the new rules are killing the game is déjà moo, i.e. I’ve seen that bull before.

If anything is holding this game back, it’s the fact that changes that should be fast are slow, changes that should be slow are fast, and Funcom can’t keep their promises to communicate better.


Just to point out another angle to what Codemage is showing, is you can see Conan Exiles in Steam’s own Store Stat page. Only the 100 most played games show up on that. As long as it remains in that list, it means it is in the top 100 of games played on steam out of tens of thousands.

I’ll also point out that 700 more people are playing Conan Exiles, right now (as of writing this), compared to Dying Light 2 which came out like 2 months ago. Not bad for a five year old game.


I apprecaite your research and clarification.

The announcement happen at that date but the enforcement of the suspension occured later on around december? Correct me if I am wrong.

I disagree if you look at the month year before was higher than currently. The current rule updates were minor and showed more of a extreme case scemarios

Uploading: Screenshot_20220502-210916_Chrome.jpg…

You are showing growth to long of a period in my opinion. There were to many changes from that point to now. 2016-2017 had to many issues and changes. I am not sure how well the game was advertise at that point as well.

I am not saying the game is horrible. It has a lot of potential and is a great game. Problem is that a downward trend when rules were enforced. I would play on a private server but hard to find a fair and good one.

Lowest Peak of Conan is 10k around May 2, 2022

Highest Peak of conan is 33k around Aug 31st 2020

Ark is going down due to all the future techs and weapons I heard. It is still holding roughly the same area.

You’re wrong. The first version of the rules went into effect as soon as they were announced. Back then, there was no Zendesk, so the reports were done via forum direct messages to the community managers.

So what? You’re seriously going to keep arguing that the only thing that changed in the last year was that the rules were updated?

For someone who’s supposedly so concerned about staying on topic, I have no idea what you’re even arguing here.

That’s because analyzing the stats over short term, for a niche game like this, makes it hard to filter out the unrelated noise.

How exactly do you sort out the effect of changes by Funcom from stuff like the pan-freaking-demic, for example?

And this is where it becomes apparent – to anyone masochistic enough to follow this discussion – that you have no idea how to analyze data.

I’ll give you a hint: what date is it today?

Clearly the data from previous months are not going down hill to 10k.

Clearly I cant follow patterns. Clearly I didnt go to college to learn this stuff and apply it to real world. Yah its clearly all me.

Yah topic was about server shutdowns and removal of officals. The events follow tos, population drops and afterwards server merger. That is how this part came to be. It would of been easier just wiping all servers and putting up new servers and closing others. It seems like politics when the implemented the tos so that they can implement the merger to save cost. Nothing wrong with saving cost but how they went about things.

It’s certainly not me who took the data for the current month, a month that has literally just started and there’s not enough data for it. The only thing that mentioning your college is going to accomplish here is draw attention to the fact that they either didn’t teach you the basics or you didn’t learn them.

So forgive me if I don’t trust your skills and expertise at analyzing and interpreting data.

By the way, it’s not even the lowest peak since the release. This whole time, you’ve been putting your hypothesis front and center and then looking for data to support it. Which, not to put too fine a point on it, is bullshіt.

No, “this part” came to be because you just had to shoehorn the ToS into this discussion, too, because that’s what you do in every discussion given the slightest pretext. And when you tried to pretend that there’s data to support you, you got called out.

That’s how “this part” came to be.

Here’s some more facts: the so-called “new rules” were announced in September of 2021. Here’s what the data looks like between then and now:

Yeah, there’s a clear pattern of population decay there, it’s been going down steadily since then. :roll_eyes:

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