Stygian buildings

I’ve started working on a Stygian building kit based on the stuf in Sepermeru. The meshes are stupid simple, but kinda had to be so the corner bevels would line up. The first attempt had a slight curve in the walls, which worked fine on outside corners but resulted in gaps inside. On the bright side, the low poly count should be good for performance on big structures.

It still needs slopes, fences, and foundations, but here’s a screenshot so far:


Oh heck yeah, this is definitely going up on my server.

I’ll definitely be trying this out. I was planning on building a large settlement adjacent to Sepermeru, and this kit will allow me to blend my build into the city with an organic look.

Low poly is fine for this I think, as the aesthetic style is supposed to be crude and primitive.

Very cool mod.

Looks good. Is this a T2 building in terms of resources or T3?