Stygian Fortress removal

I think the Stygian Fortress should go away. It takes up so much bandwidth, the loot is not good and if I wanted to blow up things, I could switch to a PvE conflict server. It’s just there’s not a lot of bang for our buck. Thoughts?

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you can’t blow up things on pve-c except the raid base and decayed bases

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Oh well. I can join a server that enables PvP. Im just saying, we have other iptions

No, the fortress should stay. It just needs optimization to not take up so much bandwidth.


Or just design it as they would expect a compliant officials server base should be :wink:


I would like to see FunCom complete the fortress before erasing it from PvP. It looks key to have it (and, with recommended hardware). Trust me – not everyone has experienced it fully. I asked for a few optimizations in regards, but I rather see the MMO take priority for now.


Use Zendesk to report this overbuild, and they will ban it and remove it without hesitation or further inspection :rofl:


I use to have a home near there… so ya. Its placement is abit MEH.
I mostly just circle outside now and kill off spawns. XD

I love idea of it, (kinda one of my requests for NPC to have a breakable structure. )

Considering few other NPC gotta perma edited. Can always make it a set of Ruins and a new Cave/Dungeon and home for Jeb Stuff so its perma part of map.

Move Stygian “remnants” to several camps.

Can then switch up who is doing Purge every 6months.

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Pve is fine I guess. In pvp is not needed.
No one raid it anymore anyway.
Just easy loot

Make sure to provide the server, the location, and plenty of screenshots so they can find it easily.

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I assure you, no one does it on PvE either. The lag and poor loot are the main contributors to this.

I go in there at least twice. Gold is good and more efficient than volcano farming. Plus where do you get shade bloom, hardened steel and katanas?

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I already got it all. :confused:

On the contrary, I think they should double down on the fortress feature, add more blow-able locations with different base designs. Make the bases smaller and the loot more random so that you don’t know what you get. The reward being only gold makes me not even go there anymore.

After so many years, you’d think Funcom knows what PvP raiding is. You never know what you will get from raiding a player, how their base is designed. Finding the weak points was a joy in itself, then getting the loot was like opening christmas presents.

Instead we get a big useless pile of T3 pieces, that i can raid in under10min, because i already figured it out, and i get the same reward every time, some gold.

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