Stygian Palisades vs Gods?

Obsiously not all avatars would be affected but do those palisades that point upwards do any damage to an oncoming avatar, potentially? Or do they shatter liketwigs immediately? Wondering if anyone ran any tests with them and God defense. I’ve haven’t used palisades much but the Stygian ones are very stylish so I’d like to utilize them somehow.


There fairly durable, i use them around my round dragon slaying base, that way the red and green dragon end up taking the spike damage from the standing ones while my thralls and me can safely fight around them without taking any spike damage

Not sure with gods tho


The verticle pallisades can also be used to make quick walls which, while easily climbed, are quick to place to impede raiders or defenders. I put some on top of a wheelhouse for a second “wall” within the roof-fence. Looks nice and threatening too!

Thanks for asking :blush: I was wondering too if Stygian palisades sufficed to hold enemies off for at least some time.

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Before I put these palisades around my exposed animal pens, the Accursed purge would wreck them every time. Last night they completely avoided the pens, still attacked the iron traps, but otherwise left the feeble pens unscathed.

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maybe we could get spikes and palisade made out of steel, hardened steel, something other than wood to be broken right away by mobs. I mean how hard would it be to go from making spears and great swords to making sharpened rods completely out of metal??

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And for the love of Ymir make iron leg traps work on npcs for defence as well, was so salty when i found out iron leg traps only effect other players or yourself :weary: