Stygian Purge Recipes

I finally got the purge to work. I got three new recipes and learned them but I can only find one of the learned recipes in my learned knowledge which was the Stygian Rations.

What recipes can we learn from the purge?

I will keep editing what recipes drop.

Stygian Rations (food)
Stygian Burning Cauldron
Stygian Vanguard Armour
Stygian Vanguard Armour (Elite)
Stygian Strategy Table

Stygian Coffer
Archer Post

Battering Ram
Siege Foundation

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Stygian Vanguard Armor and Stygian Coffer.

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Also the Stygian strategy table.

Picked up a few more recipes

Stygian vanguard armour
Stygian burning cauldron

Although, this level 10 purge was brutal. I lost 13 thrallowers

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Most of us agree that level 10 isn’t worth the rewards. The loss/gain ratio can be too harsh, and the prep work involved in ensuring minimal losses can outweigh what they’re willing to give you. Most people stick with 8s, MAYBE a 9 on occasion. Also, 10s can cause crashes I’ve notice—on consoles anyway.

Other than difficulty, what’s the difference between levels?

Not with anything.

Ah, so that’s what that is. I saw burning cauldrons in some of the AoW preview videos and images and thought something was off with my graphics settings. I guess they were a different object entirely. :stuck_out_tongue:

What does that mean?

The levels differ only in difficulty.
If my English is not clear, I apologize, it is not my native language, I use Google translation.


You get more cages to unlock. That’s about it. I did a level 10 the other night and had the worst RNG… just a Relic Hunter and nameless thralls. Total garbage. So yeah… basically, RNG is the gauge in how it works. You have a higher chance of getting named thralls in higher purges—usually anything over like level 5 or 6—then it’s pretty much number of cages increase. I believe it’s like 5 or 6 cages at level 10 iirc.

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Of course. Level and number of awards. On the first level there is 1 cage and garbage in the chests, on the last level there are 5 cages and something in the chests.

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I will try a level 8 and see how it goes.

So level 8 is definitely easier.

General tip, set your thrall attack distance/chase to lowest. This will lessen the chance of your thralls getting surrounded or trying to solo the purge (and dying.)

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Given that this is a recipe, one would think this would be cooked on the stove rather than a campfire. It also gave no information on the ingredients required.

Enhanced gruel and bread for those wondering.

Good thing the wiki was updated. :+1:t2:


Thanks for the info. I haven’t tried to make any yet.

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Level 1 - exiles -200ish hp
Level 2 - exiles but more waves
Level 3 - pirates -400ish hp
Level 4 - pirates but more waves
Level 5 - Lemurians -600hp
Level 6 - lemurians but more waves
Level 7 - lemurians but even more waves
Level 8 - relic hunters/stygians/khitan 900ish hp
Level 9 - relic hunters/stygians/khitan but more waves
Level 10 - relic hunters/stygians/khitan but so many waves and then more waves

Prisoner waves can happen in any of the above levels

2 keys level 1
Exile type prisoners in cages
5 keys level 7
Lemurian type prisoners in cages
7 keys level 10
Good chance for names Cimmerian/heirs of the north in cages


Did another purge. After the update, the enemies base camp basically loaded onto my base.

Got a new recipe

Stygian Vanguard Armour Elite

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Plus 4 stygian warriors lvl3 with pikes! These 4 stygians are enough to create a difference between purge lvls. Then if i am not mistaken the hp of the boss is different on each lvl and the demolishers are higher lvls too.
But your reply is fantastic once more @forkyeah, thank you m8.