Subscription overhaul?


No matter how much content you can enjoy, if the game is mostly single-player (which is it at the moment), why would anyone opt to pay a monthly fee to play an online RPG when they can play free-to-play options (or options where you play the game by buying but not paying monthly) that actually fills the criteria of beeing massive multiplayer online?

Anarchy Online has always been a great game, but you can’t expect players to stick around and pay for it when there’s a ton of other games with larger playerbases that are free. It doesnt matter if you have to Pay to Win in other games, because they aren’t forced to pay to play. They can still log in, find teams and enjoy content with other players.

I wouldn’t have a single problem with paying for the game if there was the playerbase there to support doing so, I just made a new character for the free week, and I found one team in subway, that’s it, after that I was on LFT while soloing all the way to TL5. This is European time, not australia (sorry knuckle). I still can’t find a team to play with. Why would I want to pay to play a game that focuses on being a MMO experience, but lacks the players to be that?

When I resubbed last year that was also a problem, and the year before that when I checked in. There are not enough players to warrant a monthly subscription for this game. If you think it dies because lack of economy if they remove the sub, then it’s bound to selfdie from players not paying the monthly fee anyway.

It doesn’t matter how great the systems of AO is, it doesn’t matter how much content there is. If there is no one to play with.


Pretty much what Nave said. Aiken said it long ago too. I’m subbed 'till 2020 ( not intentionally-- due to not paying attention :frowning: :smiley: ) but yeah, a full price sub = bug/exploit FIXES and NEW content, an up-to-date website and actual MARKETING. I had high hopes for when we went on Steam but that’s a bust.

I started giving EVE a serious tryout (dabbled a few times before) and when I logon the launcher shows the number of players logged of 5,000 to 35,000 but typically 20,000. ESO has similar numbers I think.

Cyberpunk by the Witcher folks looks good but that’s a year away, maybe 2.


ESO is Buy to play (you can play for as low as $9) and if you subscribe - you get additional perks (and they are adding some more since 18th Nov). As far as the numbers there : The actual number is 2.5 million players, which is still a healthy number for an MMO, but by far nothing close to the very misleading number reflective of players that have made accounts over the life of the game. (27.12.2017) - source : official info There were additional influx of players lately as they were giving out some perks to ppl who owned new expansion. ESO is overpopulated right now.
The model is - you can either pay a monthly fee and have an access to everything in game (and additional perks) or buy the game (with 5 DLCs) and expansion - and play the game :slight_smile:

EvE Online is actually a free to play up to 20 Millions skill points (which is more than enough for a casual player) and you are free to earn ISK in game to buy yourself a paid 30 days (you can earn that money in 4 days in game).


I would resub for the right monthly price. $5-8 a month is about right and I wouldn’t mind paying it even of i didn’t play all the time. But $15 is nuts. Forget other MMOs, which are all cheaper, but look at what other entertainment options are out there for sub $10 a month. Hulu, Netflix, prime, Xbox live, GeForce Now, ESPN+, the upcoming Disney streaming service, and much much more. It just seems rediculous to charge $15 for a 18 yr old game when you could grab 2 of the above for the same price.


So many people getting something for free, but still complain about it. :roll_eyes:


The ‘for free’ part was cool 10 years ago, now it’s almost worthless. Try playing as a froob till lvl 200 - all you’re left with are MB or dailies, finding a team for missions or let alone some raids has been close to impossible for a while now. Not to mention the game certainly hasn’t aged well.

But that is not even the point. Sure, we may complain even if we play for free or don’t play at all, however the game has suffered from lack of players which is not good both for FC and ppl who currently have an active account. We (and I do not speak for everyone but I think many share this opinion based on the discussion) simply think that lowering the sub price or changing the business model althogether would bring back old players and perhaps bring some new faces as well.


Yes, it would bring in a whole bunch more people who don’t want to, or can’t afford to pay.