Such a great game... but D;

Hi, a few weeks ago I started to play the Secret World Legends and I was actually very surprised what an awesome game it is that Funcom created here! Especially the Missions and story line are awesome and I am not at all a fan of super hero movies or stories, but still liked playing this game very very much! Actually there is not much Funcom could improve in this game, as it is really very very well done (and I hardly ever give a compliment like this!)… but… one thing is the reason for why this game is so far behind the popularity that it would deserve: You cannot love these characters you are creating with this horrible character creator! This destroys it all! If you hate the toon you are playing, you will not continue playing the game… dear Funcom, take this serious please. Check google for “The Secret World ugly faces” and see how we suffer! Change the Character Editor PLEEEAAAASE! Give us options to at least change eye and mouth height, nose angle (like you had in Age of Conan already)… the faces are so horrible (and the haircuts too actually)… please please please do not make it so hard for us to keep playing this so awesome game! We need pretty toons to enjoy it - it is game breaking if you play some one you hate to look at! And not even we can do much of a change in game with the options you give us as hairdresser and surgeries are far too expensive to try different styles out… really we suffer from this. Give us a chance to create a beauty to play with! AND WE WILL LOVE TO PLAY IT CONTINUOUSLY!


It’s something pretty fundamental to the engine apparently… they added beards because of a long running request, and in order to do so, removed the ability to tweak facial features, giving us the 15 or whatever fixed face options. In TSW there were no beards, but you could select eyes/nose/mouth/jawline separately and get something you wanted instead of effectively “click random 3-4 times” it is now

Do what Jimmy did and get a mask to cover your face. We got some really nice masks around, honestly. Or googles. Or respirators. Or w/e hides your face while looking stylish.
Not to mention, I more often see the back of my toons than their faces…

(I also don’t see where you’re coming from with your “superhero stories” but that’s beside the point)

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Yes there were. At least one of my characters in TSW had a beard.

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Agreed, most of mine had beards. One didn’t because it wouldn’t have suited her much. Can’t recall if there were more than one or 2 options, I would need to visit Occam’s Razor to check and I’m way too slacker at the moment.


LOL I like my character’s face now, but it’s really hard to tell how they’re going to look in game with the creator. I haaaated my first face so much that I stopped playing for 4 months until they finally brought the surgeon back. I would go in every month, ask if the surgeon was back, and didn’t play again until someone told me he was. So, I get what you mean.

They should give us coupons again.

Yeah I can only play my toon when she wears sunglasses at least… seriously funcom, this is an important issue, please do something! It is such a great game, and the environment is great, the combats are a lot of fun, and there are even NPCs that look better than we ever can with the current state of the character editor. And it is really a difference how your toon looks in cutscenes or at barber shop or in character creator and how it looks later in game, so please at least give us like 5 minutes to decide if we want to accept the new style we bought for a lot of coins…

I wouldn’t think it’s an important issue compared to everything else that needs to be done, but I understand why you’re upset. It’s actually a lot easier to see how your face will look at the surgeon. Do you have a male or female? I like the way mine and my boyfriend’s characters both look now. Just had to take a lot of time playing around with it all.

A female and I just took off the sunglasses for a second, and I was about to start to cry, so I quit the game instead to avoid further depressions… the eyes are far too high and look… bad :frowning: … with more make up they look even worse (in game). I use the only face I found that not looks like that of a 45 year old character, I mean it’s ok we have faces for older characters, but why is it 95%? Please fix this character editor and our options to improve the game experience by making us enjoy the toons we play. Please please please please… ;(

…hmmm… I wanted to upload a comparison between a toon I made with the Age of Conan Editor and one I made with the SWL Editor - in both cases I tried seriously hard to try to make them look beautiful. I hope I can soon upload it, so you will agree there is a big problem with the looks of our poor toons in SWL due to a lack of face editing options. Yet I cannot upload anything unfortunately, hope soon I will be allowed. In many other fields SWL is far more creative than AoC and I really appreciate that, and AoC is a really good game.

You guys do know you can download a mod that adjusts your facial features, right?




Rowan Atkinson, is that you…?

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Is this the mod? lol

There is a mod to improve the editor options? Does it work with existing toons as well or only with new ones? Please share the link.

A few random quotes (googled from the net) about the topic:

“…I hate my characters hair, and face.”

“…something that doesn’t look like a pushed-in skull or a nose that has been broken multiple times in a succession of lesbian bar fights?”

“I’ve seen videos from the original game with some pretty decent presets, but it looks like they’ve removed them for SWL and replaced them with some seriously deformed female faces.”

“I was about to give this game another shot under this stuff, and the faces are so s*** I’m not sure I’m even going to bother.”

“Yeah… I was really hoping to get better character customisation with the relaunch, getting a worse one was beyond disappointment.”

“Also, what’s with 80% of the (male) faces being really old dudes??”

“I’m actually extremely disappointed that I cannot recreate my original TSW character. How did they manage to make the creator even worse?”

“But yeah, a lot of the faces looked really…long…IMO. A lot of them did too in TSW but in that game I had found at least one guy face and one girl face I was comfortable with for both my characters that were well poportioned. Here I’m not really finding much.”

“The original faces look like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down.
Least the new faces look like they only got hit with the ugly stick once.”

"No idea why Funcom haven’t managed to make any decent looking faces in this game. "

“in TSW i could make 3 “decent” looking female toons but none i’d call beautiful”

"I still find the women in TSW to be quite unattractive tbh. I definately find the female faces in AoC to be superior which is what I find disturbing. "

“They all look like goth/emo, meth addicts or plastic dolls. No my cup of tea. (tsw females that is)”

“in my opinion if I rated someone on looks on a scale from 1 to 10 in the real world on average and used tsw females to compare them i’d rate them a 4/10 still… sorry they just look below average to me:(”

“All I could really want is for the character models to not have ugly faces. Somehow it got worse after the beta. Like they decided to go in and change the character models so that they all looked atrocious.”

“I loved everything about TSW except the character creator was worse than Age of Conan. I couldn’t make a non ugly charceter.”

“I deleted an alt and rolled a new character just about 2 months ago. I was real excited because I thought he looked great. When I got into the game he looked NOTHING like he did in the character creator, in fact he looked like a clone of my actual main character.”

"Not a very PC question, but the female face options are mostly giant masculine faces. And the ones that aren’t, either only have hook noses or look like they’re over 50 years old.
How do I make a female face that isn’t hideous?

Edit: Yes, it’s a serious request. My wife refuses to play the game because she can’t make her character look decent."

Dear Funcom, I enjoy so many things in this game, and you did a really great job on so many things concerning this game and I appreciate that a lot and see so many beautiful details in the landscape (like for example the “hell” lighting up in the Overlook Motel sign). Or the fun that the smiler mechs are! It is amazing! It is a really great game! But we need better faces for our own toons, it is important to a great number of players… for many it is really game breaking as it is now.

Yeah… still cant get used to it… oh Funcom why did you ruin a game like this with a character editor like that?

I came across this face that I think looks nice.


Here’s a few of mine on the same character - different makeup and/or “facial features” (tattoos) I’ve had. The make-up and facial features category in the barber shop in London can help change the look of the face sometimes.



Keep in mind, lighting and color of the area you are in can make the face look better or worse.


Let’s “face” it, there is only one single face in all the collection that the editor offers us, that you can use. And of course you, me and 95% (or more) of all other people use that. Cause the rest is so ugly that no one wants to play it! And I just want us to have a possibility to have more choice!

Yay, pointless hyperbole. You can use any of the faces available, and none of them stop the game from working.
Would more customisation be nice? Sure. Does it break the game that the choices are limited? No.
It’s down to you that you feel that only specific faces are acceptable. It’d be nice to see a wider range of facial features, but it’s not as big an issue for most players as it seems to be for you. I’ve got 4 female characters, each using a different face, and I’ve never had any issue with the way that they look tbh. I’d have preferred being able to select different body types, and a wider variety of available ethnicities would be good, but you work with what you’ve got.