Such a great game... but D;

I personally also have an issue with in-game faces but there was point when I kind of tarted to think it’s just another thing to deal with, as weird forced reactions in missions intros. That’s stuff we was given story wise, that’s stuff we have to work with. I also just use masks when I feel especially down about my characters faces. :mask: In the same time I’m quite happy about my main’s face and the fact 0 NPCs have the same type, that’s priceless.

The base faces are pretty horrendous, but you can make them somewhat decent, my lumie looks good i think, but more customisation would be great i agree :upside_down_face:

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I noticed all of your pictures are taken in that area, that in my opinion, can make your face look worse. It’s a dark, slightly off-colored area.

Personally, I had more of a problem with body type. I wanted to play a morbidly obese character, just to get away from the boring hero / heroine stereotype look. But I don’t have that option.

Ultimately what it comes down to is whether the content is engaging…the story, the NPCs, the challenges. If all of that is great, which it mostly is in Secret World, surely we can live with the avatar? After all, I’d hate to play the perfect-looking avatar in a so-so game.

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The female and male faces are equally as bad as each others, they are 98% pure hideousness.

I guess when you want to play a female toon, and your disappointed about the lack of perceived beauty (which is always in the eye of the beholder - i.e Personal opinion) Then you’re gonna take issue with the character creation in this game, hence their discussion being about “Female faces”.
It’s not because they have an issue with females in general.

I do draw the line at saying “they look like transgender males OR females” - because then you are using that as a derogatory slur, and a generalisation that all transgenders (when used in comparison to these face presets provided by FC) are ugly.
There are many trans-gendered people who are beautiful, there are many males and females who are beautiful.
Somehow, beauty was lost on whoever did the character creation presets and i would quite happily place all my bets that both the male and female presets were not created by a woman.

I prefer to say they look like disgruntled employees that once worked on a great game before it was relaunched. . .
They were beautiful once.
I disagree that it is game breaking too, it isn’t, its just a disappointment that they are all so hideous.
Which is why 98% of the people wear the customary “paper bag” over their heads with masks or try to customize with visual “features” and additions in an attempt to make it somewhat better.

For what it’s worth, i’m happy with some of my male toons and some of my female toons, but not all.
As the saying goes “you can put a pig in a wig, but it will still just be a pig in a wig”
(You can’t put a flower in an a-ss and call it a vase . . etc etc . . . . ((Except in art and you are Tracey Emin and think a dirty bedroom is artistic))

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TSW had cute, young-looking faces with small round noses (females at least), but all looked very similar. I was horrified when I came out of the character creator in SWL and saw what mine looked like. I had tried my best to make her look the same as my TSW character. I was more upset by the fact that I wasn’t able to change the appearance of my character than anything when I quit. I didn’t get why SWL didn’t have the plastic surgeon and barber shop as soon as the game relaunched at the time.

Were there a lot of complaints about looks in TSW? Why the change?

My assumption’s always been that they just paired them up without looking at the results. Face 1, eyes 2, mouth 3. Face 2, eyes 1, mouth 2. etc.

It’s just all around a really disappointing character creation if you have any preferences at all, and weren’t gonna click “randomize” 10 times and take what you liked best. My one alt’s face still exists but it’s paired with a giant nose now instead of the relatively flat japanese nose that suits it.

As Ceruleana pointed out making my main char the same as his TSW incarnation was kind of all i wanted, i don’t think i quite managed to , so instead like so many others i hid his face behind a mask.
Now 3 years down the line , i decided to take the mask off this week & you know what i can live with it, like somebody else pointed out it really isn’t a game breaker , in truth nobody cares what you look like except yourself. :upside_down_face:



It’s very tragic that you find it difficult to honk one out to the character creator and we’re all sad on your behalf but don’t be transphobic


Standards of beauty vary greatly across cultures and sub-cultures.

If a game not catering to your apparently hyper-specific standards makes you want to quit, well, I’ll just say the ball is in your court on that one.

Spoilers: This game has positive LGBTQ representation so you probably won’t fit in here anyway.


Its just sad that instead of improving the disappointing fact that indeed 98% of the face options “are pure hideousness” as Rizzle said correctly, Funcom sees no point in listening to the complains of the community and change anything to the better. It is a beautiful looking game - but the faces of the toons you have to play are just ugly.

So far, you’ve not really shown any evidence that the “community” feels strongly about the faces. There are a few voices that agree with you, but spending a long time fixing a subjective problem isn’t going to be cost effective. It’d probably end up with a similar number of people complaining that the faces looked better before they were changed.

I think that most of the community would prefer the developers to be spending time working on game mechanics and new content. How our characters currently look is not a massive problem for the vast majority of players.


Yeah, speaking as the community’s duly elected representative in these matters, what we actually want is an apology for the casual transphobia earlier in the thread


I don’t think developers would ever spend time on faces so I think complaining about it is pointless, but I have seen looooooads of people complain about the faces. It’s mostly those who came from TSW, though.

That was between TSW and SWL because we lost some options from the old game that some had grown really attached to. I haven’t seen a lot of complaints about the faces since.