Sudden disconection

After todas server restart I suffered some sudden disconection,back to carácter selecte screen and end up with game client shut down…I dont know what is the issue,I am steam user and no unormal activity with my steam account so should not be hack problema…anyone know what happened?

Did you log in after the servers were back online? Or were you just online when the server restart happened?

when the server back online.I got sudden disconection and game shut down when I was in a lair run.

We had Player Suddenly D/C doing a Lair in the City of the Sun God yesterday.
and mentioned they were thrown to the Character select screen.
Judging by the name, i assume that was you.

I think it was about 30 minutes after the servers got back up again, so 10 or 15 minutes Past the hour.

and now it just sounds more strange then yesterday… <.<

Probably just a random bug. This game has those. If it keeps happening, try contacting customer support. I’ve had plenty of random disconnects and crashes, but I’ve never been kicked to the character selection screen.

Such things happen time from time in every game. It can really be connection issue with ISP or backbone ISP or SWL server. And I’ve been kicked to the character selection screen before as many others with me (whole raid + everyone in Sanc). I think SWL is prone to aftershocks after patches and resets.

I am having some issues with disconnecting and ping going up from 100 to 400+ every now and then, since the server-restart.
This and the client seems to crash more often now, even after running a repair via the patcher. Before, i had a crash once or twice a week, now its like 1 in 10 when entering a dungeon or new zone.

I had the opposite problem. For about 3 weeks prior to the restart, I was crashing more often in SWL, particularly in scenarios. One crash blew my DNS settings so that I needed to restart my router to have internet access. I’ve also had more crashes since I moved SWL out of my SSD to a standard hd. I also experienced the ‘blue screen’ in OD.

I’ve been “back to normal” since the restart. Or at least it feels like it. Hitting the “Leave” button in scens or dungeons or raids is always a gamble. I find the safest is to use the “Teleport to [Agartha]” option to avoid crashing.