Sudden rates change


I host a Gportal server and I only changed my rates setting through the in game Server Settings. Everything was ok until yesterday when I came back to play and it seemed like the rates changed, although nobody actually changed them, and the numbers were the same in the Server Settings list.
The stamina drain on dodge was greatly increased, I ran out of stamina after 3-4 dodges (there was no change in the attributes or armor or anything like that). The crafting time was much lower and another very noticeable thing was in the animal pen, the animals were eating sooo much slower. They used to eat 1 piece in less than a second, now is like 10 minutes :expressionless: And I need that precious gold and ichor.
I have noticed some similar posts on reddit I think and they said that everything got back to normal after some time, not for me though :(.

Any help will be very much appreciated!

Running out of stamina after 3-4 dodges is this way since the first timed i played, and it was back in 2018. I don’t know for the other issues tho since i don’t use animal pens and if I’d need real numbers for the crafting time. I think that your server always had false rates and that they are now back at normal (1 piece in a second seems crazy in my opinion).

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