Suddenly getting too high ping and incredible lag and only affects Conan Exiles

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: Online official
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Server type: [Enter one of the following: PvP
Region: US West Coast

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Since Halloween Update my Ping is usually around 160-180 where before Halloween Update was between 40 and 80, usually 60 ms, so I can’t enter the server usually unless it slips below 140. I have been playing on this server with no problems for two months. Now when I do get in the game can completely lag out. Fall through building components, get attacked out of nowhere, it takes 5 seconds to a minute to load containers, or just never loads. Server is 1880.

I have verified that no other programs are accessing the internet and when I do load another game like Age of Conan, everything is running normal with a ping of 88 ms so I am calling this a BUG rather than a performance issue.

Running Windows 7 64 bit Pro, 16 GB RAM, 100 GB free on the hard drive. ADSL. Nvidia 1050 ti.


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Hello. Try to restart your router and check your pc if u are not downloading something. If u are using WIFI connection, its bad, just connect internet cable to your pc. Maybe it will help you

Thanks, but I did all that. Unplugged, rebooted the modem. It’s ADSL so not shared by anyone else and the ping is actually 16 ms right now on Speed Test. There is no activity on the modem, except when Conan Exiles is running of course. Task manager shows zero network activity other than when Exiles runs also. All other online PvP games are running fast and normal. Problems started with the Halloween update, but they may have done other things so I don’t know if that was it.

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