Sugestion. Pls, makes dome's protection breakable

Since there isn’t unraidable base (Regardles of how fortified it is or how well located it is), since we can kill even gods, I was thinking about how dome’s protection could be the ultimate protection, but still balanced for anyone with enough energy to fight against it.

CE has a huge map for exploration, but a limited number of really strategic places for building strongholds. And, usually, a few of this place with dome’s protection may be unbeatable while god’s protection is active.
I know… I know… it last 36h and farming 500 can make bubble longs forever.
And unbeatable while it stills on. But what if…

CE is a survivor game, we know that. And as a survivor, players can make guilds or alliances to rule a server. Politics to become stronger. And will survive who is the strongest.
But what if certain number of players attacking dome’s protection, during a certain amount of time, could damage those bubble or even break it? We can break strongholds, we even kill gods. Why not its creation?
Dome’s protection could get a health bar, it could be a huge health bar, but we could see it breaking while attacking with a trebuchet, for example. It could keep those 36 hours as well.

I think doing this, CE will still be a survivor game, but a more balanced one. It’ll give an small chance, a pretty small to chance, to alfas fall down and those poor one arise.

Dome’s protection can be created by a killable divinity. So nothing is perfect, neighter its creator, neither its creation.

Let’s praise, mortals

If they’d make protection bubbles breakable, they should also rebalance it by extending the duration of bubbles from 36h to 72h for example.

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