Suggestion about that gassbomb exploiting in maelstorm

Soo hello, maybe someone already writed about this, i know ignasis said that its game exploit or something and players can get ban for that, but still it feels like in maelstorm someone always do such thing, its like server ping normal 66-120 all time, but when maelstorm starts it grows to 200 still could be ok… green, but then when maelstorm go up to max, the ping is 300-600… and when it ends its again normal… so i think maybe its about that exploit… but nobody care and still doing that… but the suggestion

Those beasts looks like from hell its like, u know we have undead hyenas and cappas that does not bleed… because they are undead… now i think about maelstorm creatures, if they come from hell ( Dogs with horns, and burned spiders) why do they even can be gassed or poisoned? hell is full of sulfur and gas, fire…

Just easy fix of that, make all maelstorm creatures immune to poison/gas or fire…then actual u can climb and wait till it ends , no ragdolled corpses all around no ping no crashes.

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A better answer is not to require plays to farm so much for a t4 surge that may be a waste of time anyway, Thats the real issue thats leading to these things.


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