Suggestion: Add a Thrall slot to cages

It would allow for a more immersive storage system for thralls, particularly unbroken ones. Ideally, the cages would display the thrall they contain and, if they’ve been broken, give us access to their inventory. (The better to clothe our prisoners in rags.)

As a side note, I’ve read that thralls in workstations won’t need feeding, but ones placed in the world will. This would allow us to store our fighters and dancers and archers so they’d be safe, if we were going to be out-of-game for an extended period of time.


Also add a thrall slot to the trebuchet, could increase range, reduce wear and tear per firing, automate firing, reduce cost of ammunition, etc etc etc. You could even have different effects for different thralls. Named alchemist makes demon fire barrage cost 1 bomb, blacksmith reduces siege ammo cost, carpenter reduces the rate at which it wears down per shot, and an archer or figher could just automatically fire or auto-reload

Or you know, just use the thrall as ammo.

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