Suggestion: Autohide UI option

I don’t think I’ve seen anyone suggest this before, which is kind of crazy to me. I’d love for Conan Exiles to have an autohide option for the UI. This game is beautiful and I hate seeing the UI when it’s not necessary. There should be an option to autohide UI elements that aren’t immediately relevant, and which appear when they are relevant (such as the health gauge appearing when taking damage, or a stamina gauge appearing while sprinting).

I know I can manually hide the UI, but it’s unimmersive to have to think about hiding it myself, and I also can’t see relevant information (such as stamina when riding a horse) if I need it.

Completely disregarding gameplay experience, which should be a huge motivator to implement this feature, we could also consider that some people play on OLED screens which have burn-in risks. Automatically hiding UI elements would help to alleviate that risk for those players as well.


This sounds interesting, but I’m trying to figure out how it would work. The HUD already has certain elements that appear only when it’s relevant, e.g. status effects, the building hotkeys, or the inventory change notifications. There are only 4 areas that are always visible: the health-and-stamina bars, the thirst-hunger-weight-temperature indicators, the hotbar, and the list of recommended journey steps.

The journey steps can be hidden via a toggle in the settings, and I’m not sure what value they would have if they were auto-hide. The whole point of having the list of journey steps is to give new players some guidance. I would leave that as it is now.

I’m not sure how auto-hide would work for health and stamina. My stamina changes most of the time, because I’m almost always sprinting, jumping, climbing, or attacking. The only times it stays the same is when I’m interacting with another GUI that hides it, e.g. inventory, attributes, crafting stations, etc. My health doesn’t change as often, so maybe that could be auto-hidden, but then they would probably need to redesign the HUD to separate health and stamina further.

I’m even less sure about how auto-hide works for the hotbar. Is it hidden all the time and only appears for a while when you press a hotbar key? Does it also appear when the durability of an item on your hotbar changes? If it’s the former, then you can’t keep an eye on the durability of your equipped item. If it’s the latter, then auto-hide won’t really do much.

The thirst-hunger-weight-temperature indicators could be auto-hidden, I guess.


it would just be on a client side timer , like if hit takes damage then start timer of 10 second and then with a timeline fade opacity … and if hit then turn opacity on widget element to visible it would have to be done on a widget animation. im sure some modder could cook up something liek that … you can see i a similar effect with pippi chat … josh has it set on fade after a certain time pass from the previous text posted.

Yeah, I understand how it can be implemented, but what I’m asking is whether it makes sense and/or how to implement it in a way that makes sense. Consider this screenshot:

Look at health and stamina bars:

They are currently grouped together in a single UI element. Without splitting that into two separate elements, you would have to fade out both bars only when neither of them has changed for 10 seconds.

Sure, that’s doable, but is it useful? It’ll stay visible most of the time anyway.

Same thing with the hotbar:

Do you fade out the whole hotbar or individual items? Will it fade out even if the durability changes? If so, how do you keep an eye on the durability? If not, what’s the point of auto-fading it?

These are the questions I’m asking. And the reason I’m asking them is because I’m interested in the idea, and because UX is important.

I’m sure there are ways the HUD could be redesigned to support auto-hide properly while still conveying all the important information when players need it, but it’s worth discussing how to do that.


The health and stamina bars can be hidden since there are on-screen effects for both, it could an off/on thing not sure if visible after X is needed.

It would be split into three elements, the experience points is above both of them.

Look at it when you have a controller plugged in (like on consoles) is not visible until active.

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Yeah, a toggle in the settings would be okay. That way people who don’t need to pay attention to it can turn it off without hiding everything else.

I honestly can’t imagine anyone not wanting to see their stamina, because you only get the on-screen effect when you’re exhausted, and by then it’s too late. But I guess that if there are people who don’t care, then it’s perfectly fine to give them an option to de-clutter their screen.

You’re right, I totally forgot about the XP bar.

And now that we’re talking about splitting it into 3 distinct elements just to support auto-hide, I guess my point is perhaps clearer: does all that really make sense?

I’ll have to check that out, since I normally use mouse and keyboard. But honestly, if gamepad users can’t keep an eye on the durability of their items without interrupting the flow of their gameplay, I’d say that’s bad UX.

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I’d love to see this implemented, with as many options as as possible for customization.

IHUD for Skyrim is a really good example of how this can be made to work. It’s an incredibly popular mod that is all about allowing players to hide hud elements with contingent control when it comes to how things are hidden

Separating the xp, hp and stamina would be necessary to allow each of them to show separately.

You’d also probably want a keybind to toggle the hud back on, which would allow you to check things like durability at any time, but keep the screen uncluttered if they player wants

Just like the aforementioned IHUD, full customization is absolutely key to making this work for a wide array of players. When done correctly it can really help show off the beauty of the game and help players feel more immersed


Using a controller, the hotbar is only on demand. I personally cant stand using keyboard and mouse so I guess I can consider that an added perk.

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Since I honestly like the three elements like they are, my thinking was on/off for the entire group, perhaps have a third option, that when it’s “off” only bring it back once the character is holding “something” in their hands.

Another suggestion would be a separate option to set the opacity and transparency of the hud elements. This would be for those that don’t want them removed but, still want some minor visibility.

I got used to it but, having it visible would have saved me from braking a few items.

This would be the ideal solution, fine tune it to each person’s preference.

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I feel like OctaviousWrex explained better than I could how this feature might be implemented. IHUD is a perfect example. It would require a bit of dev time to rework the UI elements, separating them and such, but the end result should be worth it if players can customize how they want their HUD to be displayed.

CodeMage brought up some good points about whether it’d actually be worthwhile enough to devote dev time to it, and I think it would be simply for the enjoyment factor of many players. Yes, with the current system all information is always present, and as such ‘works’ from a utilitarian perspective. But it comes at the price of lacking some degree of immersion.

Having toggleable options for players to choose would allow those who only care about game information to just leave their HUD always on, whereas players who care more about being immersed can set their HUDs to only display when necessary. The parameters for ‘necessary’ would obviously need to be discussed further, but the general idea gets the point across. As mentioned in the OP, this sort of option would alleviate fears of players who play using OLED screens as well.


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