Suggestion: Better communication with customers/players

Cannot load into official servers without the game crashing. This has been going for over a week to me and everyone I play with.

Funcom has remained silent on this issue, despite it being the number 1 topic on bug reports.

Maybe acknowledge there’s a problem and let people know you’re working to fix it? Before the entire player base decides to leave?


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They weren’t silent they asked for more info, unfortunately only one person responded to their request:


But it became aparent it is not a model specific bug. And no updates were applied prior to the connection issues. So it now looks like it is based of the server side of things. But still no word from FC.

Funcom probably wont respond until they have a clear understanding of the issue beyond a short acknowledgement along the lines of “we’ll look into it”. After they figure out what exactly is happening, likely they have a hotfix incoming that they hope to push and explain in the patchnotes. So report, wait and be patient. They want to fix your issue.


There used to be a board for this I am trying to think of it . Trello board I believe but it seems to have been taken down.

You mean the dev tracker?

There’s also this one:

But like I said they already responded and so far only 2 people have provided them with additional information as requested.


That would work too. :smiley: Sorry I didn’t think of it

Ah, it looks like it was listed under bug reports . I am unfamiliar with Xbox for the most part, do they have a DXDIAG feature for system information listing ?

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Not that I’m aware of, unless you can run it in dev mode. But it probably won’t give you the info you’re looking for.

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Dang, was hoping to help the OP out with reporting information about there machine to help with correcting the bug.

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I’ll poke around later tonight and see if I can find where to see the specific model beyond the broad categories

OS and software are universal for the machines, but the physical components tend to change multiple times in a generation. It shouldn’t be making a difference but you never know

The original PS had at least 10 versions for example. I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to find it, but I do have ideas where to look

Correct and I believe it was removed


Ok, for anyone looking for more detailed information on their Xbox, go into setting, then into System. There you can find OS version and shell version.

There are other details as well, but nothing I could find that tells you the specific hardware, but I’m assuming having the serial number and console id would allow you to look it up with Microsoft. Both of these are found in the same system page

I don’t think console hardware should be causing any of these issues unless it’s damaged or defective


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