Suggestion: Buildings and more

  1. Please make the large gateway to be 1 foundation thick. The way the gateway looks right now is too thin. Doesn’t add to the immersion of it being sturdy enough to be able to protect your base. Right now, it looks like a normal door way, just bigger.

  2. Change the building ghost color to a darker ones. Currently, the colors are way to bright. There’s difficulty in putting one when you are building in the day and also when you wanted to put in the roof from inside building. It’s hard to see where and how you want to put it.

  3. Wet effect indoors. That is not immersive. Hopefully the devs can do something about it. The wet effect affect almost anything you have indoors. How can you get wet indoors when you’re protected with roofs?

I have to agree with Dropthatcrane as well on the fact of the insides of buildings getting wet. Although I like the look it does not make sense that it occurs in the game. I am glad that you managed to stop it from raining or snowing inside the buildings though.

No offence but I cannot hold it in…


Immersiveness is what’s getting you lost in the game (the good way).

We need 2x2 size doors as well! They’d look so good for medium to large interiors without having a ridiculous sized gate.