Suggestion: Clan Export Service for Officials

Hi together,
I am looking for a solution for my Clan Situation:
We are playing on XBox Official Servers since around 3 years and have a nice structure there. We dont play too frequently, so time by time it is more a refresh then a play.
I thought about server transfer but this way we loose all structures & thralls.
Now we look for a way to transfer a complete clan to a fresh database. This way it should give no conflicts with existing structures and we could keep on playing were we are now.
As there is no possibility yet to host a private xbox server without keeping paying forever or loose all you have when the contract ends, a way to preserve the work & time invested seems high desirable.

Also this way a platform transfer could be realized. I guess the game.db is the same over all platforms.
So, how could it work ?

  • Each clanmember can ask for a clan export, the old structures are not touched
  • the complete clan structures including thralls, buildings, members are exported to an empty game.db
  • this game.db can be made available for the clanmember, either for download or for import to an
    empty database.

This way each clanmember could get his personal copy from the clanstructures and continue local. How this is managed, can be left over to the members, as the source-structures are not touched. So this way, the structures on officials would decay when the people left. On the other hand, clan members could stay on official, if they preferred to continue there. All options open.

A game.db file is small, I know as I have now a private PC as Conan Server. Of course the environment must fit, as the player ids are platform dependent. For us it would work, as we all have xbox accounts, that can be used on PC with MS Version of Conan exiles. For Playstation this might not work. Here funcom could provide a way with mapping player ids.
But at least, a clan could be transfered from an official to a private server.


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