Suggestion collection with status


But that must also be the reason why those black ice parts grant ~40 exp for each craft. So “at least” one cannot level using that.


Black ice pieces give less or more xp? I’m assuming less



  1. Make torch equip-able while dragging a thrall
  2. Make at least the higher tiered numbing wraps more useful.
  3. Add another box or two to the hotbar
  4. Make the “honeyed jerky” worthwhile (it’s a more expensive downgrade)
  5. Decrease the frequency of encumbrance notifications and/or display them in a different area of the HUD
  6. Make the right and left sloping walls supportive (weight bearing to sloped roof)

Thank you


Yes please!!

Pretty please!

Really I beg you to do that. I appreciate you moved it and listened to us but now it is blocking the repair button row in the crafting stations (the buttons underneath the inventory) as well as the encumbrance perk row including attribute counter.

I use an encumbrance built with 50 so it is part of my build to be overloaded almost all the time.
Would it be possible to disable the popup when you have 50 Encumbrance, or at least just show it once when passing the overload mark and not anymore till you fall under the threshold and so on?

I do not have any movement restrictions and I see it with the more stamina I use and the red circular icon top left anyway, no need to be constantly reminded

It is funny however when I go on a farm run and this message always pops up saying “You are encumbered” and I just think “Yes wait, there is way more to come” :stuck_out_tongue:


No. I meant literally 40 exp per piece. :joy:

Yes, a tiny bit less. Like 5-9k per piece? :joy:


Oh haha. Compared to other pieces. So black ice gives less than other t3 pieces?


I concur. I was happy that it was moved but now it’s blocking other stuff…

I think the symbol being red and flashing is indication enough tbh


You know the pop-up that you get when you hover over a placeable with a repair hammer – is there any chance of adding temperature information to that so that torches, furnaces, building blocks, and so forth show how much they raise or lower the temperature in the area around them?

(And while you’re at it, any chance of replacing the inconsistent color-bar temperature display, there and on items, with a numerical value?)


Some suggestions [poll type=multiple min=1 max=8]

  • Load yourself on a Trebuche, risk meets reward.
  • Be able to move your character to another server at least once every 3 months (I gladly pay 5-10 euro for such thing).
  • Access to new/extended world/map after removing Bracelet. (I gladly pay 10-20 euro for such thing).
  • Flying animals/monsters.
  • Fly with a dragon.
  • Raise Max player per Server.
  • Fix current bugs.
  • Increase Decay time.


when You finsh the game is there a way that you can keep all that progress you created in the game , instead of deleting all that work and hour playing the game , giving me the obtion to return to the game like conan.


Why there’s no modded mode for console xbox one and ps4.


I want to see an inactive weapon on the back and side. and backpacks.imagine a Witcher without swords. just a guy with a beard. developers please listen. I’ve been playing for over 1000 hours and I can see the guys leaving the game. many people