Suggestion collection with status


Apologies for not updating this list more frequently. We are currently working on and setting up a better, more efficient way to share the status of collected suggestions with you.


I wonder if you could do either of these things:

  1. Interactive emotes where you can invite a player into something like a handshake or a high five, could be applied to the current bear hug emote too.

  2. Please fix the in world game chat, it’s so hard to RP with crackly world chat.


:eyes: Bring back Crossbows working & Make bows :bow_and_arrow: great again! :point_right: Archery system, arrows and range building system!


Maybe some sort of a simple diplomacy menus for thralls. Other clans and players could be enemy neutral or friendly. And if so, friendly clans or people could use doors or chests. Maybe a looking option: open for friends.


Patched in ? (they are in testlive)

I see we have only option to clan “lock” vault’s for recruit, maybe same option for Large Chest ??

now armor’s from dlc better than Legion :stuck_out_tongue: intended?

– problem is you can “build cage” for people who raid you…

New arrows… Ivory arrows intended to have slow dmg compared to other arrows…? like dragon arrow or other?