Suggestion collection with status


Apologies for not updating this list more frequently. We are currently working on and setting up a better, more efficient way to share the status of collected suggestions with you.


I wonder if you could do either of these things:

  1. Interactive emotes where you can invite a player into something like a handshake or a high five, could be applied to the current bear hug emote too.

  2. Please fix the in world game chat, it’s so hard to RP with crackly world chat.


:eyes: Bring back Crossbows working & Make bows :bow_and_arrow: great again! :point_right: Archery system, arrows and range building system!


Maybe some sort of a simple diplomacy menus for thralls. Other clans and players could be enemy neutral or friendly. And if so, friendly clans or people could use doors or chests. Maybe a looking option: open for friends.


Patched in ? (they are in testlive)

I see we have only option to clan “lock” vault’s for recruit, maybe same option for Large Chest ??

now armor’s from dlc better than Legion :stuck_out_tongue: intended?

– problem is you can “build cage” for people who raid you…

New arrows… Ivory arrows intended to have slow dmg compared to other arrows…? like dragon arrow or other?


So are you all done with the xbox version? a month and a half and nothing, game still broke. At least let us know when ou shut it down so we won’t be expecting any fixes and we can just drop the game.



Why isn`t this thread pinned?

IN another post i have mentioned the importance of this, you have to look for important threads and bump them to get them on top again.

I dont know why these posts are not on top all the time, with updated info on the categorys.

Latest Patch/Hotfix should allways be on top, allways!
Now i have to look for the latest because someone is bumping and necroing an old patch thread.

Latest patchnotes with a link to the older is fine.

Also, why do some posts get autolocked after 7 days and others get necroed after 3 months?

Even though they have activity they get autolocked, is there a reason for this?


@Tascha Could you guys maybe do something with pve? Like make the combat way harder. Because pretty much each and everytime I can just walk away from something without it even hitting me because the attack animations are really long. And I wouldn’t mind some attack animations because they are really cool, but maybe give the creatures an attack whilst running as well. Because as for right now, Pve is really easy and I have to change tons of thing to even make it slightly challenging. Or maybe even only something with the later creatures. Even if I put walking speed to 0.5 and I walk away they can’t kill me. I had to turn off dodge and still pretty much nothing can kill me if I hit them. But I would really like Pve to be changed and bechallenging and fun. Still love this game though! Keep up the good work! Hope you see this and do something with it!


You can turn up the difficulty to barbaric!


Still combat is relatively easy due to long attack animations for most creatures.


I guess it’s be fine to serve travel with all the perks of your character, but not resources.