Suggestion collection with status

This should be fixed on TestLive :slight_smile:


Need a server status up or down on the forums or the client when you launch please, or in both places.

Separate potions for wiping feats and attributes?



just wondering, do you know when we will have a balancing list ?

Hopefully today or tomorrow :slight_smile:

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i would suggest an auto item sort option for chests, basically the same system we have for our inventory


In single player ever since the update before last I’ve had issues with the flow of my hair and armor graphically. If this was one of the issues fixed I’m still having the same issues. Will this be an issue that is resolved later, or is it something I’m doing wrong?

I really want this button to be implemented in Conan Exiles. After I raid NPC Camps, I usually come back to base with all sorts of stuffs, it’d be great if I can just visit any container and press this button and automove items in inventory that already existed in the container. It should be a staple for games with huge item database, it can shorten the time micromanaging stuffs after a raid. Very convenient.

  • Show the ‘clan name’ above the players name?.. its hard to distinguish clan members in big pvp fights
  • Add option to show online clan members on the mini map (if they within x distance)



There is a “give all” button already. when you access a container it is showing under your inventory.
Not always visible tho. try to select one of your items.

The same true when you access a container f.e. fishtraps there is a take all button (if not showing then just click on one of the fish stacks.

But the option is there. it is only bugging sometimes.

Giveall doesn’t do what I suggest. It fills all empty slots in the container with whatever is in inventory.

What I suggest only fills the container with whatever stuffs already existed in it, that way I won’t have too many doubles in many containers and I won’t have to place one by one and remember which one contains what. It’s too tedious.

So if I have a cupboard filled with animal products like heads, bones, fangs, skins, hides, horns, etc, when I get back from a raid or a trip, I can just visit that cupboard and press this button and only those animal products my inventory will move in that specific cupboard. I only need to categorize the other items and provide the containers then all I have to do is visit container 1, press button, visit container 2, press button, and so on and I’ll empty my inventory faster and organized automatically.

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Shift+click. but it is bugged as well :smiley:
As long as you have at least ONE empty slot in the containers inventory shift+clicking an item transfers it to the container in the correct slot. (unfortunately bugged, and only work if you shift+click on EVERY item you want to place in the given container.)

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I’ll try that the next time I play.

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A possible solution for the multiple people on a bench/flat surface option is to create a sitting on chair emote that can be used at any time. You can see decent examples of that method being used on the FiveM GTA V mod. It can look goofy, but it’s pretty effective.

A khitan style bow emote. Not a twang twang but the bending of hips kind of bow, if you know what I mean.

This list r0xx0rz my b0xxorz. (ICQ, AO Era pwnz, bruv)

I don’t know where even to begin to tell you how enriching this is to feeling like this game has a future.

This is the single best detox ever devised in forum history!

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I made a PVP guide awhile ago when the game came out, because I believed in the game’s potential, but the following issues have still never been addressed-- I can’t bring myself to really play again until they are.

I don’t think any kind of game-changing balance list is going to come any time soon. There’s literally no way to balance PVP or raiding by simply changing some numbers or implementing something that’s easy to code. This is because of certain fundamental problems that require a major, time-consuming, pain in the *** overhaul that I doubt anyone wants to do:

Fundamental PVP issue #1: Moving players can’t be hit by melee weapons (especially when sprinting) because there is no tracking on any attacks and the only status effect that temporarily addressed this (cripple) was nerfed into the ground and never rebalanced. Even if cripple is buffed again, weapons or projectiles that induce cripple will be pretty much required to finish a fight because of the inability to normally hit players that attempt to avoid attacks. Rather than depend on a single status effect or gimmick to be able to finish an enemy player, combat as a whole needs to stop players from being able to escape for a certain amount of time, and weapon attacks need to be completely redone so that they can hit moving targets.

Fundamental PVP Issue #2: Because you can’t hit moving players consistently, fights always end up turning into “trading attacks” with each other. This makes heavy armor and heavy-hitting weapons (spear / 2h sword, etc) always better than any other option, and with the ability to sheathe weapons during attacks you do not need to roll to cancel out of animations or avoid getting hit.

Raiding Fundamental Issue #1: Players can build while being raided by other players. Somehow the devs are able to disallow building while being purged, but not when being faced with assaults from actual players. This makes offline-raiding the only viable way to raid anyone that knows how to abuse this by simply replacing walls and other building pieces as they get destroyed.

Raiding Fundamental Issue #2: There are no viable traps or thrall AI that can defend your base while offline, no matter how ingeniously they are placed or well-geared. The AI has always been a joke and has not improved at it’s core at all since early access, it is still laughably easy to exploit with arrows or orbs and is completely pointless as a method of serious defense.

Raiding Fundamental Issue#3: The only way to raid is through explosives or orbs (and when it comes to vaults, which are easily built, only a ton of explosives). This is a boring grind for a specific item that gives alpha clans a superior advantage no matter what and cannot be outplayed by any amount of skill.

i watched the movie yesterday… there was summoning sand demons, necromancy (resurrection) and theybsuggested more intense sorcery in the acheron era. so yeah more curses and less flashy lightning…

corruption as fuel could be useful, so there is a tradeoff between being able to summon stuff and having a larger healthpool should be balancing enough :stuck_out_tongue:

the cave foundations are really epic :slight_smile: that would enable me to finally make my dwarven fortress i wanna build.

ps ps.
the double founndations are a no go unless they are a new item, but it seems rather pointled ■■■ they would easily make a base big and impenetrable… not really balancing at all. HOWEVER, having a some kind of ‘frame’ which you can fill with blocks (like bow item filled with arrows) so you can place multiple block at once in the shape of the frame. this is just one iten usable for all existing and future foundation blocks. AKA: Less development time necessary and a better chance of seeing this.

lest just call it the builders update eh :wink:

I’d like to see Ale Kegs and barrels with storage capacity – I want to put my fermented beverages in there :slight_smile:

Also, I’d like to see weapon / armor racks that actually display weapons and armor. While it would be nice to put in different weapons and armor in an inventory slot and have the graphic change, perhaps the solution is to add new recipes with the weapon/armor to be displayed as one of the components.

What balancing issues are you concerned about that aren’t listed?