[SUGGESTION] Diplomacy between clans?

How about implement some diplomatic states like “Enemy”, “Ally”, “Neutral”? Mostly will help in group PVP (damage reduction to allies) and Offensive Thralls aggro state


I’d love to see Clans able to form alliances.

We already do this through out-of-game means, like through informal truces. But it would be useful to have it ‘codified’ in order to gain the advantages that you mention, like damage reduction for allies and offensive thralls not attacking our friends.

I think this could play nicely into some future features as well, like perhaps a Trading system where allied clans can purchase items for pre-determined prices from your vaults.

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I wanted to join a clan but they didn’t have their main leader on to invite me. So I helped them for a bit and they didn’t get on for day. That’s when I built my own base. When they finally came on, I didn’t want to combine because I worked so hard on my base and knew it would be handed over to the clan which could always throw me out whenever. This is why alliances need to take place. They cant destroy my base but maybe be able to use it if it’s not locked.

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