Suggestion - Fat Thralls

The new male Derketo dancing outfit be looking peak.:stuck_out_tongue:


You know you want it :joy:


No i do not want it.

I prefer not, I think a Oyvind Tall-tree with no pants on is already more than enough power for the trolling players.

Is “Tall-tree” a reference to his manhood perhaps? Or is the moniker similarly ironic to Ulric the Beast, where “the Beast” is the size of a dehydrated shrimp?

Also, if the sort of thrall Deamo posted above were available in the game, I’d definitely recruit at least one. (That reminds me of the two guys dressed in Princess Leia’s slave outfits in Ropecon a few years ago, but that’s definitely material for the Abomination thread.)


jokes aside would prefer pleasure slaves that also was a major aspect of conan’s lore than fat thralls

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That pic is from the movie “ meet the spartans” it was the first thing I thought of when I noticed this thread :joy: and as for the Princess Leia outfit i might not have that particular picture of those two guys in in my meme folder but I might have something similar :wink: I’ll see yo in the Abomination thread.