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I love the new alpha creatures (shaleback, crocodile, etc). My suggestion/feedback is to remove the glowing eyes of the alpha creature and return them to having normal eyes.

Our clan has more fun being surprised by the fact that there is an alpha in the group after we start attacking the creatures. We live for the “OH SHOOT!” moments and feel that tipping us off that it is an alpha by seeing the glowing eyes removes that element of surprise that we like.

It makes us be more cautious when approaching a group of let’s say shalebacks.


Alternatively, if possible, have the lights glow when combat is initiated. So not only do you not see it coming as easily, you see the glowing eyes of death before you.


I like this request.

Can’t you make his eyes glow in the dark instead.

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That is an acceptable compromise. Half the fun for me was wondering if it would be alpha or regular.

No! Your idea is only useful to clans seeking a surprise.

Noobs and solo players needs the glowing eyes. Not everyone wants to fight alphas. Glowing eyes are to help players decide to flee or fight.

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I started the test-live solo-player back from the beginning. Even a noob can escape an alpha. I am not doing that in clan mode right now. When I do play on a server, our clan members are not always on at the same time so it is still a solo fight.

I think there should be an option to turn off the glowing eyes. After second thought, I really do not even want the eyes to glow after combat begins.

Alphas need a way for the dev team to tell the difference between normal enemies and Alphas. It easy on fixing,buffing and nerfing if you can tell Alphas from regular.

I am sure they do not rely on the eyes. There were alphas prior to this last update that did not have the glowing eyes. It would be in the name listed in the Admin Panel.

It should at least be an option that the admins/solo-player can set for their games.

In my opinion, the game has been nerfed a lot from EA. Conan Exiles is supposed to be a brutal survival game and I know there are a few of us that would like to see it swing back towards being more of a challenge.

The same goes with Fighter/Archers thralls, there should be an admin setting that allows how aggressive they are in relation to what gets near the camp.

Sample Settings:

Non-Aggressive - only attack when clan members are attacked or clan members attack a foe

Alert - only attack when clan members/thralls are attacked or clan members attack a foe (allows clan cooperation with other clans)

Aggressive - let loose the dogs of war; attack anything/everything that is not a clan member as soon as the foe is detected.

This is not meant to upset anyone, it is a game-play preference.


I like the idea of the “alpha” however after going on testlive and forgetting to rebind my keys for dodge and block, even with mid 40 gear a alpha Hyena nearly destroyed me. I broke and ran not realizing just how much Damage they did. It was a learning experience. However they chase forever like the Cats do.These Alphas are not fun when in mid 40 gear you get stomped in an area where I start going for Iron in the early levels. Hyena as a whole should likely have a limited chase distance.

I want to have a chance at level 10 to say… oh yuck I don’t want to get near that thing. Glowing red eyes for mobs that don’t have an obvious skin change is a good thing. To me. However I totally get why you would want it.

It is too bad that the glow wasn’t a toggle or something that could just be turned on and off in the server settings. Though it is possible that they could add in an option that would load an alternate script that loads a normal skin with the upgraded stats so for the more hardcore players there is 0 way to know. Something like that should only impact animals in the world not pets or bosses as I believe they have different file or DB names anyway. That would give the “oh shoot” moment on private servers and SP/COOP for those that want it, while allowing Official Servers to be more standard.

Toggle would be fine with me. Official Servers can keep the glowing eyes/different color skin.

now all you need is a dev’s attention and them to agree lol (I’m not a dev)

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Excuse me, excuse me. Mr. Dev can I get your attention? We would like a toggle on the alpha creatures to make them less conspicuous to the casual observer. :slight_smile:

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