Suggestion for a method of dealing with PVE "trespassing"

We’ve seen it a lot, the grief seems endless at times towards those whose dedication is toward PVE by those who exploit the mechanics of the game to get away with providing the grief toward them for various reasons. (ie: make them quit or move to another server, force the other to abandon their land claim).
This method would allow any normal PVE player the exception and ability to directly deal with unwanted trespassers. In effect, it will allow a player to kill an unwanted / uninvited trespasser, then loot, skin and even eat them (if so desired).

The Trespass Exception:
Anybody may be allowed to visit and leave peacefully, as long as they are granted permission by the player (or clan leader). Everyone remains on “good terms” and no hostilities are permitted as long as permission is granted.
However, this can be revoked as the player (or clan leader) deems necessary. (such as an unwanted visitor parks their “unconscious” body anywhere within the land claim of the owner / clan).
Unless granted permission by the player (or clan leader), the one who enters the land claim uninvited becomes marked as a “trespasser”.
This causes the trespasser(s) to become vulnerable to hostile attack by the “owner” (or clan) of the land claim area while the offender(s) are disabled from any retaliation, which can result in their death and loss of all equipment via looting. (In effect, this will forcefully remove the unwanted visitor(s) from the land claim area).

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You should add being able to mount their head as a trophy.


You need to play on a pvp server.

Just do as in ark, be able to drag the body away. That way you can just dump it somewhere where it is not in the way. Animals/NPC should agro offline bodies just like in ark, that way they will die and lose their gear, or you drag them into the water so they die and lose their gear.

No need for complicated pvp-in-pve system that will have 100+ exploits added that will need to be hotfixed, causing more an more issues. The best solution is the simplest one.

Just increase landclaim area as well so they can not build anywhere near an already existing landclaim.

I admire your ideas.

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