Suggestion for a Mountain Base Location... in PvE... Based on Kaer Morhen

Granted that in a single-player game the entire map is open for any base location. That much is obvious. However, what I have in mind for a base the location is questionable. Here’s why:

My goal is to try and replicate Kaer Morhen from the Witcher 3 video game?!? In fact, the entire theme of my single-player game has Ciri being captured and left in the Exiled Dessert to die on the cross. Granted she could simply jump to another universe… planet if she desired to do so. In my game, however, Ciri with the bracelet on is unable to simply jump away. Therefore, she has to survive in the exiled lands.

With that being said, where would you build such a base in the exiled lands?

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In Northwest D13, there’s a mountain face that shelters the area immediately east of it from meteor strikes. The whole area is covered in pine trees and could be good for a wintery version of the iconic Witcher stronghold.


The start of a video tour I did of one of my old bases shows how to get to the spot I’m talking about:

Thanks, I know the area. I will check it out. I have been playing Conan Exiles for some time now but have done little in the way of research… to include the the Witcher 3 I might add.

I am not a PvP kind of player. Multiplayer gaming is just not my thing. So, other than purges I have never taken in the aspect of my fortresses being besieged by foes bombarding my places with explosives or by a trebuchets. Consequently, I have never built my strongholds in PvE with all that in mind-- until now. Taking all that in to consideration now–even for PvE-- that is going to require a lot of work and forethought. Especially if my goal is to stick with the Witcher theme.

And, on that point I have also been doing a lot of research into Ciri and her origin and backstory. For example, I did not know that at one point she traveled back (or forward) in time to King Arthur’s Court, where she met and fell in love with Sir Galahad; and, whom she went back to after defeating the Wild Hunt. Interesting aspect?!? (I always play the ending where Ciri becomes a Witcher.)

Now that many of us are self-quarantined because of the virus, I have plenty of time on my hands even though I am already retired, to set my plan in motion, in Conan Exiles. Again, thank you for the tip.

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Have a look at the mountain ridge north of Bjornar’s Stand.

Perfect location I think. It’s a hike to get there but you can teleport in sp.


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