Suggestion for crafting Armor, and Bows

Hello Funcom, hope you are having a great day…

I can’t speak for everyone but there are some armor sets in the game that I really dislike the looks of but have attribute bonuses that I need for a particular build…

My suggestion is to allow players the ability to pick what attribute stat a piece of armor gets as a bonus when they are crafting the armor.

I would really like to be able to craft the Pictish Warchief Armor set with Accuracy on it instead of Strength.

(speaking of Accuracy)
I also, wouldn’t mind seeing an Archery rebalance to bring its damage to be more in line with Melee weapons, players do more damage with melee than they can with bows, if anything this should be reversed, a Bow should cause more damage than a Melee weapon due to its difficulty of use and the finite amount of arrows one can carry.

I really miss the old Archery mechanic that was in the game before you changed how bows worked, I found it more enjoyable having the left mouse-click a base high damage attack, and the right-mouse-click a zoom function only, although having the zoom was not realistic it was closer to how a Bow in real life works than how bows in-game work now.

The idea of having a left-click light attack and a right-click zoom with a high damage power attack that drains stamina so fast that you don’t have the time to fine aim for the far range shots is not enjoyable for me nor is it very realistic.

If you go and shoot a bow in real life and try to perform a light shot, and then a power shot you will find that you can’t unless you are using two different bows set at two different draw weights.

I beg you, please consult with a professional Archer to help better balance bows in Conan Exiles for everyone’s enjoyment, Thanks.

Have a pleasant day.


I would like to see that too.

Funcom wanted people to be able to judge the build the player uses by their look which is why we don’t have vanity slots and implementing this suggestion would go against this idea.

I would let others discuss the archery suggestion as from my perspective they 2 shot players in light :rofl:

That may be the case in certain situations in PVP but is not my experience with PVE it takes too many arrows to kill NPC and Animals IMO…

Being an Archer in real life having more than twenty years experience shooting bows and cross-bows I can tell you that they can kill in one hit, It would not take eight arrows to kill a Bear, Elk, or a Human for that matter. :smile:

As for as Funcom planning it so you can tell some ones build by what armor they are wearing this is not known to me, I believe this is nothing more then a oversight of the developers or they just didn’t want to put that much work into it.

Can you provide a link where they said that this was in fact the reason to it?
I would be much appreciative, thanks

@Grave_Darkheart go into YouTube and watch some of the older developers streams from when Joel and jens were the speakers. It’s been talked about at least a dozen times on various streams

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