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Why did you change the links to the old forums … initially this reply was why did you remove the old forums completely…but Andyb answered my private mail directing me to the changed link.

You do realise that all the links in THIS forum created before you changed it are now invalid … such as all the links in the PvP guide…

Update: thanks for putting in a redirect when you click on an “old” forum post from a internet search, we get sent the archived post now which is a good solution …where as we didn’t when it was first changed and I+Piankhi posted our comments here

As I mentioned in the DM I sent you as well as what’s in the first post of the AoC category, the link to the old forums is now

I’ve also edited your post to include the new link.

Because Funcom decided today to change the URL and redirect the old to the new.

I mentioned it to Andy this morning and he said he would get announcments out. I haven’t seen anything yet letting people know.

I think it is a really bad idea to change the URL. It breaks every single link from the past forever. Google Search results are now all broken.

No matter how many announcements are made, many/most people will never know what happened and will think it was deleted.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We’re keeping the URLs as they are now but the links are now available on the first post in the AoC category.

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I thought it was more than enough having that Link “These Forums are now closed. Please check out the new forums [ HERE ]” at the top of the old forums. It lets the users re-direct themselves to new forums. But at least then it doesn’t break the internet.

Edit: I see now you guys changed something so old links properly resolve now. "!" goes to the correct spot now and only “” seems to re-direct to the new forums. This is a much more agreeable solution.


Would it be possible to add a dropdown menu the the “NEW” tab on the page which we are directed to when we click on the “new” topics remaining link at bottom of forum posts to select a particular game’s new posts.
I’m referring to the page that we are directed to when we click the blue text link in
"There are x new topics remaining, or browse other topics in x section"

I know that we can click on Categories and then select the new posts section for the game we are interested in, but I was hoping a direct sort from the “new” post page would be possible.

@andyb I was wondering how “solutions” are assigned to topics …is this done by the original creator of the topic or by a moderator?

If it is done by the original creator of the topic and readers disagree that it’s a solution do we have a way of flagging it for a moderator to review and remove as a solution??

I know for a fact moderators can flag and unflag certain posts as solutions. I do not know if original creator can flag in its own thread.

Is there any solution in a thread you would like to be reviwed? If you send me a private message I can check it out!

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