Suggestion for horses in pvp fights

Hello, i have a suggestion for the horses in the game, for me the horse damage is good but the problem is the thralls following while the player is with the horse, the player has to choose if they want to being followed by the horse or the thrall because together they are a little bit too strong for me

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Welcome to the forum my friend , I will agree that in PvP even for me is really tough to go against a mounted opponent with a named Thrall behind him , especially now that escape is impossible . That’s why you have to build PvP always when you play this mode and walk the same way they do , with a horse and a thrall . If the company does what you suggest then it will seem like a step back . I was participating on PvP servers to help others to farm , now I don’t play PvP anymore , because escape is almost impossible , plus I hate PvP fights , so I cannot expect the company to ruin the PvP progress they did for me :wink: .


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