Suggestion For Missing Thralls

Hi Funcom,

This is my first post but I felt it was very necessary.

I have a thrall who fell through the bare ground at my base. It shows he is still there via the Thrall Pot but he is not. I’ve restarted, travelled and came back and still nothing. He was a level 11 Janos that I worked very hard on.

Please make it so we can select the thralls via the Thrall Pot to give them orders like follow or stand guard. If I could select Janos via the Thrall Pot and order him to follow me and then run away from my base I feel that would get him to respawn above ground near me


I agree completely. I play on a private server and had the same thing happen, and even then my admin had to travel to where he disappeared, join my clan, move through the mesh and then collect the thrall. It’s amazing there’s not even an admin command for this.

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