Suggestion for the friendly city

  1. make a market area with stalls and more NPCs merchants (not wearing bracelets as if they came from outside the exiled lands to trade) and local exiled with different looks and styles and basically make the city look bit more alive with coming and going traffic… and that row of stalls make a blacksmith and herbalist\alchemist and cook and such with crafting stations where you could trade goods with them and then unlock a temporary permission to use their crafting stations…

  2. if suggestion number 1 is too much to implement then let the already existed crafting stations around the city to be useable by players.

  3. add an npc in the city that gives bounty hunting quests (his quests would be random as if the target location would be random across the exiled land and upon killing the target u then pick a body piece to bring back to him then he pay you with coins + a fast forward bit (maybe with a cutscene even) of you and him buying you drinks and food and entertainment in the tavern that in the end of said cutscene you walk out with all your needs full and maybe with a bit of stats boost temporary


Wouldn’t mind seeing another friendly city or a big friendly camp.

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hello everyone, if I may,
4. if you have too much corruption, all NPCs turn hostile

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