Suggestion for Thrall Conversion

Not sure which section to put this in. But a cool concept I just thought of. What if when breaking thralls in the wheel of pain they had a chance of becoming Crazed? They still listen to you but if you hit them too much they start hitting you back. They get a bonus to Strength and Vitality but a large decrease to Survival and Accuracy. If they were formerly a workbench thrall but they become crazed they then become a fighter. And their tag under their name doesn’t say [Fighter] it would say [Crazed Alchemist] or whatever their previous profession was. If they are attacked by something even on Attack Nothing, they still attack back. They won’t attack first when put on Attack Nothing but they will fight back if harmed. I think it could be cool to mess around with something like this. It would also give a bit more challenge when getting workbench thralls since your T4 thrall has a chance to become crazed. Having a specific Overseer thrall working the Wheel of Pain could either increase or decrease the likelyhood of a thrall becoming Crazed similarly to how there are different types of Armorers (Shieldwright/Tempersmith) that way you can either make Crazed thralls on purpose for the extra damage and health or you can reduce the chance of that Purge Thrall Armorer you just knocked unconscious becoming basically useless to you.

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It sounds like it could be fun, but

I really, really don’t want yet another slot machine imposed on me. I’m fine with the idea if the default chance of this happening is zero, and you need a specific taskmaster (or food or whatever) to make it possible.



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