Suggestion for vanity

I think it would be a good idea to remove armor type restrictions for vanity.
So all classes can wear all types of armor for vanity it adds massively to imerssion.

And if different sets and peace’s can be added to the store it will add a lot of revenue.

Imagine a PoM in heavy armor (battle cleric)

Tos in heavy armor (storm Lord)
Etc etc…


I also mentioned this in the thread about races & classes:

and Force also mentioned here, about NPC clothing to players:

So… Yes, I second the motion.

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Totally agree we should of been able to wear it from day one! And I don’t see what the problem in doing it is …the power stats don’t affect in vanity slots …and vanity is disabled in PvP.

Tanks can use anything they want as vanity but the other classes have to suffer because they can only equip up to light armor …or medium if your a bear :bear:.

And it will add to the item shop different sets and cloaks every week. I would pay money for the vanity sets I wanted I know a lot of others will aswell

We need to get the ball rolling for this to happen …

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Also weapon vanity.
For reasons of animations make it only the same type as equipped in power slot, ie. 1he in power, 1he vanity.

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Yeeeeessss another great idea :bulb: they should revamp the vanity system for sure …we can hide weapons with custom UI,s

But having vanity weapons is something I would like to see

I also would love vanity weapons since day one. I also use a custom UI to make all shortcuts available pronto, but the feature to hide second-hand weapon is beautiful. I usually hide my shield so I can fight with just a sword in one hand, which is more my style than the two-handed, two-hands or S&S, although I also like them. Just with a sword is for me in more sintony with all of those swashbuckler films (which is itself a paradox) and Roy Thomas and gang’s stories of Conan. I grew up with one-hand sword fights, and still today am unable to find a game where I can be like that. That second-weapon custom hide is a godsend to my imagination. The two-hands barbarian looks awesome, cutting and punching at the same time.

But more in the thread:

I feel they would draw the line in vanity weapons. They would probably have to be from the same kind of weapon to make sense, specially because of the fatality animations (although waving a staff like two or one-handed would seem cool). Oh, look a new class idea. :wink:

It seems to me that both for armor and weapons it isn’t simple to do the change, or else they maybe would have already done it. I’m presuming here, of course, but vanity armor is an ability to wear a second armor as normal awhile disabling its stats and only the visuals of the first one. The class restrictions still apply. If that is the way it’s done, then changing – or even deleting – the restrictions would give a lot more work. It could give rise to some unforeseen bug (they’re always around). It may be a bit more complicated than simply saying “Ignore restrictions” to the code.

Since all the attention they can give to the game is for more urgent problems and maintenance… Well, we better not hold our breath.

Besides, many company games have some philosophy of how their games have to be for the players so they may have their own distinguishable characteristics (modus operandi, visuals, etc.) compared to others. Maybe it is the same policy here.

How do these UI hide weapon things work and where do I get it?

You need to download a custom user interface. I use IKOS but there are many others it’s basically for movable cast bars , better enemy info ie buffs and debuffs and stuff like that …but with vanity option IKOS you can hide your weapon

Mate. Many vanities don’t use their weapon specific fatalities. I stabbed an enemy with an axe. It’s bugged already

I guess its not bugged it’s just the fact that axes count as “edge weapons” just as swords do and therefore they share the same fatalities. I totally agree thst its completely weird to stab someone with an axe (well, with some it would actually br possible since they got a spike ontop but others just got flat surfaces).

Weapon vanity would be really awesome, even if it would restrict you to only wear the same type of weapon as vanity as you do as power weapon.
But as the devs already stated a lot of times, it’s not going to happen.

Whatever they said, it’s easier to believe they are just outright lazy. Sadly