Suggestion - Glitches and Bugs

So there is one simple thing I’d like to get out. First off, please… dont say the game is finished when it clearly isnt. 2nd, fix the glitched NPCs, fighting and houses.

Your game is based around building bases, yet each time I try to make one, theres one way or another it gets ruined in one way or another. I have had rooftops and walls disapear, floors… been unable to place items in certain areas DESPITE the game saying I can, had so many issues its not even fun to play anymore. Repaired my house over 4 times in 4 days in a row with my walls and rooftops disapearing despite having pillars holding areas up, just please… fix the game before you state its a “Finished Product.”

I also wish to state the fact the game lags when people join, is something that shouldnt occur At all. Theres ALOT larger games out there able to handle it but not this it seems.