Suggestion Guild Hall

I was wondering if there is any interest in a sub topic for guild recuitment and more? A place for guilds to post a schedule of incoming events (RPmeetings, upcoming PUGs,etc). Maybe it’s been mentioned before, but not sure. Add your thoughts!


Its surely needed. I dont think its clear enough to scan trough all these random threads in the Community Corner to find diffrent guild-topics.


To me it seems a good idea as I see guild questions and some info spread out through general discussion and other topics. Yet given only one reply, perhaps not many think it’s a good suggestion to have a subtopic for guild announcements and other information. Maybe posting in community corner was the wrong place? To me, it just seems logical to have a guild subtopic on the forums.


There used to be a guild subforum (and a great many other subforums that were immensely useful) on the old AoC forums, yet when they went to these new forums it has unfortunately become a jumbled mess of threads and very difficult to find anything you would be looking for. They’ve definitely taken a step backwards with these new forums compared to the old forums in my opinion.

I’d like to add that I’m ok with the look of these new forums, but please add back all the subforums that existed back from the old version.

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