[Suggestion/ Idea] Triggerable Event: SCENT OF DEATH

Or the Event could be called Scent of Death in the Air. This event would be triggered if a player’s or Clan’s assets are stolen or destroyed while all are offline or to a lesser degree a players who is offline is killed (clanned up or not doesn’t matter)

This event would trigger Tier 4 or higher (1-3 skull without normal loot from this boss level though) NPC and/or beasts/ creatures to appear and roam the area and find and track players with the blood on their hands (did the destroying or killing ) for a unknown distance and duration . The blood handed players can NOT go offline themselves to escape this tracking.

The Event NPCs will KoS and attack/damage/ and/or destroy assets or players who are blood handed. Possble rewards also available for survival of the tracking and stalking though capped below the in game value of the assets/level of players offline killed/destroyed.

The general area around the killing or destruction would also be marked on the map for an server internal amount of time (hidden timer) that could be set by admins. Anyone who was not in on the killing/destruction of the offline assets/players could be targeted, but NOT TRACKED outside the area by the Blood Event Creatures/NPCs unless they take any loot from the affected players or clan while the event is marked on the map.

The Silent Legion (undead) will pop up in and around the area as well randomly from the ground to roam and kill ANY players/pets/ mounts/ etc or assets NOT of the offlined .

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