Suggestion: Landclaim Despawns Loot Chests

Hey there! My suggestion is pretty simple:

-When a server sets CampsIgnoreLandclaim to False, it’d be nice if all Loot Chests within the claimed area despawned rather than remaining empty.

Right now this server setting can be used to disable NPC spawns within camps, and disable any loot chests within the claim radius, but it feels unnecessary to leave the empty chests around rather than just letting them despawn together with their npc guardians.

This is ofc a pretty niche problem, but it comes up whenever someone toggles the setting False and now has to deal with a bunch of indestructible empty chests everywhere. This is less than ideal for camp renovations done by server admins and players alike.

Feel free to bring your own thoughts etc. Hope the devs see this at some point because it feels like a fairly simple fix to something that probably just never came up before <3

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