Suggestion - Modded Server Admin Purges

In light of the past week’s excitement I fully expect this suggestion/wish to be dodging lightning bolts time, but…

Add the Purge mechanic to the list of Admin tools available. Not as it stands right now, but to a level where Admins are able to set off a selective Purge in specific areas.

Many private servers need to resort to mods to cobble together simulated ‘purges’. but if it were core game…?

I imagine this could be potentially exploit-friendly, but I am also interested to hear what others think on this.

The current purge controls an Admin has are basically restricted to filling/emptying purge meters for all or a player, or to stop them and set a level of said Purge. If a purge horde could be set in one area to go from point A to B and attack any players along the way - that could be interesting.

Thoughts? Comments?


I think the idea has a fine potential and RPers could weave some great events from it

But because of the risk on Official servers re Griefers and Exploiters I suspect it ain’t practical on any levels at the moment. But no harm putting it out there. :slight_smile:

This sounds like it could be a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

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