Suggestion More Hazardous Weather Effects Please

Hey there,
I was wondering :thinking: What was your most memorable moment the first time you player C.E.?

For me it was this one time I wondered into this beautiful and dangerous land, in seek of adventure.
Then out of nowhere a sandstorm :scream: caught me as I was then legging it for my life a clawing at rocks to climb for safety. This moment took me :crazy_face: I found no other game that did this mechanic :+1: masterpiece

So after a set of hours in game I was thinking. Would it be awesome if there were other H.W. Effects?

  • Tornado (sending you flying)
  • Volcano Eruption (dark sky and boulders of fire falling from sky)
  • Lighting Strike (standing in the wrong place at wrong time :skull_and_crossbones:) For some reason I thought that it already was in game and every time I seen lighting “panicked” to my friends amusement.
  • Flood (why not if you build way out in the water)
  • Plague (River water gives poisonous effect)
  • Any other suggestions?

p.s. Purge is the second thing that got me :scream: and crippled my friend’s ears.

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The Purge scared you? Aint nothing a bunch of tier 1 meatbags and bundles of pointy sticks cant handle.

Be neat if unpurified water had a chance to give you a disease of varying severity.

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My most memorable moment would be when I first got the game and realized you could kick people in half.

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