Suggestion: New Thrall - Learned Scribe / Bean Counter

Or pencil-pusher, secretary, majordomo, butler, etc. The name isn’t as important as the function–being able to account for all your clan’s assets in one place. It’s a quality-of-life thrall, but it could help larger clans manage what they have/need.

While it is certainly plausible that the entirety of the Exiled Lands is populated with craftsmen, priests, sorcerers, and pirates, certainly there are a few business types wandering around? Men and women of a higher education; middle-class merchants and servants that spent their days managing businesses and households before coming to the Exiled Lands?

The primary function of these thralls would be to show an accounting of all items and resources in all clan-owned boxes, vaults, and chests across the map. Much like an armorer or blacksmith, they would be placed in a station (most likely sitting at a desk covered in ledgers).

Depending on their tier, you could then craft reports on the current status of your supply. These reports would look very much like simple notes, and the description would be the actual report, timestamped for personal bookkeeping.

Tier 1 Scribes could simply punch out the numbers on basic building materials, such as stone, wood, resin. Tier 2 could start tracking reinforcements, bricks, weapons and alchemical components, and Tier 3 could take an accounting of boxed thralls and exotic weaponry, siege items, boss loot. Tier 4? Every item in your clan’s possession.

Just a simple suggestion if anyone is looking to add a new thrall type. And if any modders are reading, feel free to try your hand at making it work.

Also, anyone is welcome to poke holes in the idea, find flaws or point out improvements to the idea.

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That’s an interesting idea, but perhaps a job more fitting for an intelligent player.

A clan boss should have deep knowledge of all of their assets across the map, including not only what is presently available but what can be produced at a moment’s notice.

Looking to this new Mod Project by the french Exiler and Modder Asghaard :grinning:

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Very true, but not every person is naturally adept at maintaining records in their head. Especially for their leisure time hobbies. Again, it is more of a quality-of-life thrall, not necessarily to be used by all people.

Imagine a clan with say, a production base and a main base. Most of the time, the clan boss does not have to time to visit the production base, but he needs a number on supplies to plan for an upcoming raid or base expansion. Crafting a report with some paper and tar in a minute will save them the time to either walk to the base and inspect every cabinet and chest, or possibly wait for a lieutenant or clan member to do the same. It’s more about saving time in that sense.

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I think this idea is a bit anachronistic for the time period that Conan is in. Remember 2 things: 1) This is pre-history. Atlantis has sunk and mankind devolved into ape-like barbarism for 10,000 years before re-evolving into primitive man. It’s still thousands of years before the Phoenician alphabet. A desk full of ledgers is a bit out of time for that. 2) Any bureaucrat would have had to survive long enough to join a group. I think it’s far more likelt that they would be Dafari chow before finding a use.

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The Hyborian Age had writing and culture and history, especially so in the civilized lands. The game itself has notes and ledgers and journal entries from literate people. Hell, Conan himself could read and write. I do not believe it to anachronistic in the slightest.

Your second point is more apt, perhaps. Civilized types probably would have a hard time of it in the Exiled Lands, but that does not mean they couldn’t exist.

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As Callisis_Kemtep said, the Hyborian age had literacy and high civilization. Astreas and Alcemides are both characters that are referenced in Howard’s Conan stories as chroniclers, scribes, and philosophers. This kind of thrall is not inappropriate, though I am not sure a resource management thrall would work well. I would like to see a scribe thrall that somehow enhanced the lore aspect of the game.

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You’re somehow wrong about what you’re saying.

They peoples did not turn into ape-like races, they just lost their technologies and civilizations, that does not mean their bodies degenerated into some sort of animals…

And even if the Hyborian world is supposed to be part of our pre-history, that does not mean that, as others stated and that you can find in books and lore reading, alphabet and writing did not exist. Especially during the Hyborian age.

To answer to the topic, it would be interesting to have this kind of bureaucratic thrall, but keeping count of inventories, players should do it, or are already use to, when it’s well organized, which is not difficult.

They peoples did not turn into ape-like races, they just lost their technologies and civilizations, that does not mean their bodies degenerated into some sort of animals…

I didn’t say they became ape-men. I said “ape-like barbarism” which that society devolved until they were no better than the apes. No physical devolution, just a cultural one.