[Suggestion][Officials Usable][PC, Consoles] More building piece attachment point items, Please

Right now there has been much discussion in another thread about stacking and 1/8 building techniques for pve that uses similar mechanics. @TeleTesselator is busy showing what will still work after the patch working here: New Anti-Stacking Fence Foundation Limits in TestLive 2.8 (thread is still being added too the “Still working” column.

Now with testlive showing that this is going to removed the question remains now : Are we getting new items that allow for the attachment points that our pve fellows need to complete their constructions and achieve their structual desires ?

I do not post this in jest or to annoy.

With 2.8 changes looming, I would like to make sure that there is something returned to the pve crowd that allows them the freedom still to build the variety of eye candy creations I see on the galleries. I would had for a pvp exploit mechanic snuff out such creativity on the pve side. I would see this as an unmitigated disaster.

Anyone have any ideas what could be added to help achieve this goal? Maybe some struts that allow added stability for starters?

Extra pegs that can be cleverly concealed for aesthetics, but still destroyable in pvp like anything else?

Anyone have any creative item ideas to achieve the stability goals and design lines desired by many buliders on your servers that you believe could be created by Funcom ?

@Funcom is there no way to add more attachments items to replace the function of 1/8 for our masterpiece builders ?


Probably some very good considerations here - I wouldn’t know where to start. But I do think it’s not just PVE who “need something in return” as you put it. What happens now with god attacks and extreme bomb attacks to PVPers trying to protect their bases? Sure they have indeed increased the HP on foundations across the board but is the extra 20% to 25% going to actually do anything? That remains a question for me.

Also Funcom claims this game is built by people who also play the game.

Let’s see them doing it - that might solve a lot of things!? Let’s demand that Funcom split their staff (all their staff) down the middle and have a war with each other once a month - recording and publishing the results. That way they see what it is actually like to be a player - what works, doesn’t work, and maybe what’s needed. And we get to see their idea of what the game should be played like.


Its a drop in the bucket and every pvper knows it and has known it for a long time.

Yeah, but we don’t know if they are tweaking gods and bombs yet either… So, yeah, it’s a question…

I really wanna see them playing the game tho!!!

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Agreed. Let the games begin !!

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It could be a great promotional tool too! Maybe even invite one prized player to rotate in with each side every month or something. So not just a way of demonstrating their vision for the game and gameplay but could be considerably more.

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Struts that increases stability would be a great addition. One large build I did had so many walls and door frames in the attic area to support a pitched roof One could barely get around in it.


They have struts in the game , but I believe they are still only decorative at the moment still.

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Yes last time I used strictly decorating

Yeah, the support beams and struts should be made practical, not just a decoration. By letting a support beam add say 5 points of support you could give a pillar 120 points of support by using 4 beams. Then add another 5 points per support strut and you could have 140 support instead of 100. This would allow players to build larger rooms more easily.


Thanks but no thanks :slight_smile: For one simple reason - forcing Funcom to focus on large scale PVP would not do any good for any other game mode. (Also, forcing people to play PVP should never happen period. If they want to play PVP, that’s fine, but no one should ever be forced.) The only way that could really work would be if they all also had to put in an equal amount of time in each and every available game mode. TBH at that point I’d rather they spent the time they are at work working, and they can choose to play (or not) as they wish during their free-time like the rest of us. It’s often been stated that many of them do play (and I’m sure there are plenty of others who have no desire to put their free time into a game they spend all day working on) - and in a variety of modes. While I understand (and can even to a limited degree support) the idea that it would be beneficial to the player base (or at least forum arguments :wink: ) to see this happening - I don’t have any desire to see it generate focus onto a single game mode, or to take so much time that it prevents actual work (as my counter suggestion would cause)

Yes - these would absolutely be a great addition to the game. One of the ‘essential’ mods that I use does something along these lines and adds a huge amount of value for me - I would really like to see something like that implemented into the core game.

Regarding @Sairdontis’s original suggestion - it’s certainly something I would support (more snap points the better as far as I’m concerned) - but there are a couple of points:
a) I’d be even happier if all the existing building pieces had all of the basic snap points they are supposed to (some are still missing basic functionality),

b) different building rules for PVP and PVE might get complicated (though, we do seem to be getting to the point where there may have to be greater separation, and damn the complications…)

c) ‘mod experience’ - several of the mods I like to use (including the support beams I mentioned above) also have the effect of adding additional snap points into a build - this can rapidly get very complicated, and makes the build system become even more ‘twitchy’, with pieces constantly flickering between multiple alignments while you try to place them. I’m fine with that (because I choose to do it to myself), but we do see relatively frequent complaints about the building system as it is being twitchy etc (arguably, that may be why we have the new pick-up systems - too many complaints about mis-placing build pieces).

That said - I still support the idea - but I wanted to raise a couple of potential problems that I can see it bringing.
(I also appreciate seeing the approach - thank you for taking the time :slight_smile: )


I know this is for official servers. And I know I’m 100% guaranteed to get slammed for it, but no. Pretty much no to every idea in here for official servers.

You want crazy exploitive things for your game? Thats what mods are for (or a creative mode if such a thing existed, which Conan mostly already has via Single Player). Heck, I’m a creator of such mods (and no, I don’t care if you use them or don’t, this isn’t an advertisement). And not for one second would I EVER recommend a single one of them on official servers.

So, no. I don’t recommend it, and I highly doubt Funcom is going to hand such things to official servers just for people to exploit the living crap out of them.

Never going to happen again. I say again, because you used to be able to use those decorative beams to add support (like actually add). Then people abused the crap out of it. Now not even mod creators can make things do that. We just use what wiggle room we have to make stuff.


Good to know, thank you. I guess that was before my time (or at least before I tried using them, which would amount to the same). I certainly hadn’t even considered the exploit potential - was just looking at it from a perspective of ‘I enjoy it, therefore it’d be nice for those that can’t use mods to have the same opportunity’ - but if the opportunity for abuse is there, then inevitably it’ll get used that way. As with the current building changes on testlive, (and seemingly many things in many walks of life) I guess this is another of those instances where external limits have to be imposed because some people can’t limit themselves.


Well then they could have signup sheets for Clan Wars, Single Player, and all the other modes.

Hmm. Maybe. I guess I’m still not sure what is really achieved, other than maybe to ‘prove’ that they play the game, which I kinda see as neither here nor there. Everyone plays the game in different ways and for different reasons, getting different things out of it, so arguably the Funcom staff (by being smaller in number) would represent a narrower cross-section of views - getting them too fixated on fixing the problems they encounter in a given game mode might actually narrow the scope of what gets fixed in those areas rather than broaden it. And if it’s not about getting them to encounter the problems themselves, then it’s back to just ‘proving’ what they say - I guess I’m comfortable taking their word when they say many of them play the game (and not really sure how much it matters :man_shrugging:)

(I’m also not sure it’s necessary that everyone that works on the game should also play it - not necessarily what you were suggesting either, but it struck me as related - I think it helps that some do, but arguably an outside perspective could also be useful at times.)

Edit: I guess part of it comes down to - I’ve watched quite a few different people play the game, many in singleplayer - but I’ve never seen any play it the same way I do, or get exactly the same things out of doing so. Just different people with different focus - and that’s just a single game mode, and arguably the simplest one to experience…


The fixation of players on whether their dev teams play the game they work on for a living never fails to astonish me. And usually those players demand that the only game that those devs play is said game, but would and will never hold themselves to that same expectation. Any other means of living anywhere, the expectation of the staff to do what they do as a living on their leisure time isn’t expected. But game developers, oh ya for sure, not only must they be around their game 24:7, they aren’t allowed to do anything else.

Imagine a world where these people were forced to do what is expected of game devs:

  • Farmers to play farming simulation games and nothing else.

  • Luggage check people spending 16-18 hours a day checking luggage, with only 8 hours paid.

  • Truck Drivers playing Trucking Simulation in what little down time they have

I could go on forever. Its ridiculous.

What it actually means is “I disagree with the vision of the dev team, therefore I’m right and they are wrong and they don’t play their own game to see.”

Let’s be clear, game devs for Conan Exiles have said that they play the game they develop and spend 8-16 hours doing every day for years on end (and have done so again, and again, and again, and again, and again). But should NOT be expected of. Demanding that they be “forced to play” in their leisure time is ridiculous.

If there is only ONE thing I’ll take away from modding Conan Exiles for approaching 4 years now, its to rarely (if ever), listen to the player. Comments demanding to force employees to do as they wish are example A of why.


I think it would accomplish a few very important things. For Funcom it would potentially hike up interest - something like Quake-con does (or did) for Quake - or like such events do for e-sports games. When they play there will be an admin recording, editing, commenting, and uploading the results to YouTube, Twitch, FB, Steam and etc… Have you noticed in the past year or two that Steam Store pages now almost all have a developer live stream at the top of the page now? This is for good reason! It generates interest and therefor revenue, up the wazoo…

For the players besides hyping us up a bit, it would inform on many different levels. It would give us Funcom’s vision for the game as they envision the gameplay. Base size and location, legit building techniques, where stuff is, combat techniques in PVE, PVE-C, and PVP. Commentary on lore, period reference, source material, and it goes on and an… Basically over a year or two like 100s of examples, instructions, and interesting mind-dumps.

And there are quite a few studies which show that a company who plays together (laser-tag in the office, camping trips, etc.) performs significantly better! Like, by a lot! Do you have any friends who work for Google? Ask them how their week is structured! And other examples abound!

Completely different issue. If that’s what you think is being talked about (in this OT portion of the thread), I’m not communicating very well at all! Also if I indicated something meaning “forced to play” that was my mistake. I meant more like “organized officially”.

Can’t speak for anyone else, but you’re communicating clearly enough for me, and yet I still find myself agreeing with @Multigun. You just think your idea is different from the usual demands he talks about, but it really isn’t.

Sounds innocent and reasonable. After all, I can’t deny it would be interesting – maybe even enlightening – to see how Funcom devs would play the game. So far so good.

But you haven’t thought it through, haven’t gone one step beyond that. What do you think would happen next?

For starters, I am absolutely convinced that the way Funcom devs would play the game would be drastically different from what you see on PVP servers. Official or private, it doesn’t matter, I’m sure devs wouldn’t play like that.

The devs are certain to have their own vision of what they wanted the game to be, and they would play it that way. Furthermore, they wouldn’t take it as seriously as the players do. Even those devs who don’t end up looking at the whole exercise as “just work”, even those devs whose taste in games is 100% aligned with Conan Exiles, even they would view these “war game” you propose as just fun, without assigning it the level of importance that makes so many players come to these forums to fume and vent and complain bitterly.

So in the end, the players would get to see something drastically different from what they do, and how do you think the majority would react to that? If you’re trying to answer that question and you’re not landing on “with outrage and ridicule” for your answer, then you’re waaaaay too optimistic.

Sure, there are nice exceptions – like @Barnes and @biggcane55 – who wouldn’t shіt all over the devs after watching something like that, but I’ve been on these forums long enough to know that there would be a torrent of turd-slinging posts on the forums about Funcom’s “incompetence”.

You have good intentions, but way too much faith in humanity.

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I did use “demand” there… oops!

Maybe… Sounds like me… :stuck_out_tongue: But I dunno, I often fall asleep to gamer streams and the turd-slingers are usually kicked immediately. ~=shrug=~ Aslo, as is mention in my post just above, there is a huge number of companies doing this now, and they seem to benefit from it. :wink:

Nope - literally never once seen it. Did just go and check, and the very first random game I clicked on had exactly what you describe - but I’ve never once seen it on a page for any game I’ve chosen to look for. Not sure I would even look at it if it was there - but I guess if all other elements had left me undecided, I might take a look at it.

So - maybe it hikes up interest? It wouldn’t even be noticed by people like me. And, like the already existing dev streams, I’m not sure it would attract any viewers that weren’t already invested - but maybe a few? CE is certainly no e-sport (nor would I want it to be) - wouldn’t it achieve more just to stick a bit of Q&A from a devstream up there with some legit sample game footage? The couple of times I’ve ever watched devs playing their own games it was a painful experience - they couldn’t match either the playing skill or the streaming skill of people that do those specific things for a living. I’d say there’d be far more benefit in getting a couple of big youtubers/twitch streamers to play a full series on the game - that’d bring in far more eyes and excitement than watching the devs play.

Whereas I’d argue that it would give us the views of several different players, but wouldn’t necessarily bring us any closer to ‘Funcom’s view’ - and, as I suggested above, I think that view would likely prove narrower than simply taking a broad cross-section of players.

Might well have some value - I’ve argued before that having a bunch of sample builds from Funcom, with explanations of why each is or is not ‘legal’ would be beneficial. (I seem to recall you arguing against me :stuck_out_tongue:)

All already widely available and in far greater detail from existing youtubers (some of who have decent sized audiences and the potential to bring in new eyes - but most of whom have audiences of existing players, because that’s the majority of the people that care about this information).

Yeah - could be good - but the dev streams already do this - be great if they were more frequent (though we’ve actually had a few recently). Sure, playing the game while they talk might cause them to think of something they wouldn’t otherwise have mentioned - but it also increases the likelihood of someone saying something they shouldn’t (which is likely to mean that they actually say less, because they are already having to split their focus between what they say and how they play, so adding a focus on not saying some things by accident is likely to result in a more awkward stream experience.)

But not necessarily so much evidence regarding that ‘playing together’ involving specifically playing with the product that they already spend all day working on :stuck_out_tongue: It might still work the same way, or it might not. But even if it does, the same could be achieved by the normal (lazer tag) means, without needing to add streaming/recording games to their work load.

Google is a terrible example to use with me :wink: I consider it to have some of the most despicable business practices I’ve ever encountered.

They might get kicked from the streams, but that won’t stop them posting here, facebook, reddit, steam etc - and using the things they see in the streams to ‘prove’ whatever they want to prove about Funcom this week.

I still just don’t see the gain to be made, sorry :man_shrugging: Maybe if it was a different sort of game, or maybe if every time I’ve seen a dev streaming their own game it hadn’t been painful…