Suggestion: Only one religion in game


@Kessi, Yes they do read this more than you think. :slight_smile:


good, then we hope you will listen to some good ideas or complaints that we came up with. But wait… if i remember correctly (and i do) Joel mentioned that there will be no restrictions for religion, even when we ask for restrictions, in fact this is one of most active topics out there


Yes. That is the “veto” power that Joel and the devs have. Players may make suggestions and requests, but ultimately, the choices are in the hands of the people who are making the game. More than anyone else, they know what the implications will be for making such changes and how it will impact the overall game experience. If they want players to have the opportunity to experience everything in the game… and they do… then restricting religion runs counter to that game goal regardless of how it impacts lore, role playing, and so forth because not all players are going to be into the ‘lore’ or ‘role playing’ and so forth. They have to decide what’s in the best interest of all types of players (and that gives them the right to say ‘no’ to our suggestions, or say ‘maybe, but not right now’ or even change their mind later in an update).

So while I may think I have some really good ideas and suggestions, I cannot fault devs for disagreeing. Some ideas may not work with how the game mechanics have been designed up to this point. Some ideas may require way too much work to be implemented fully (and doing something ‘half way’ might be worse than nothing at all). And some ideas might not fit with how they want their game to be played and enjoyed by the majority of the player base (such as both role players and non-role players alike). That doesn’t mean the ideas are bad, but rather it just may not be a good fit.

Keep the ideas coming. Keep looking for ways to improve the game experience for everyone, but always keep in mind that, ultimately, they are just suggestions.


I like this idea. It breaks immersion that you can worship many gods, just to get the benefits of each. Deities demand commitment!

I also love the idea of some kind of passive gain for Crom. Stats is better than my idea, immunity to Set poison and other deity buffs. :wink:

It can also be considered a reason to create new characters or play again on a new server. Choosing a new religion could give the game more replay value, by not having everything available on a single playthrough. Sometimes limits are more fun!


well i am only reacting on some early streams and information about religion, where they stated that religion will matter and will be huge part of the game. But unfortunately religion does not matter at all. Current religion system is stupid from every point of view. Try to be Muslim and Christian at the same time and enjoy full benefits of both to its full potential. You can take something from every religion and never to be considered as fully respected member of any, or even something worse… (in game version it would be like - not enough favor of the “god” to be bless with for example T3 altar). This “restriction” would be in fact great game design… If you wanna change your religion then do it… and loose the favor with your current god. Or worship all gods if you like but there should be some price for it…just as it is for everything


The world of Hyboria is a polytheistical world. Playing SP you will never be able to get all possible improvements from every religion. Playing MP in a clan this could be but only when you are more then 3.
But why shouldn’t it? We are all prisoners in a damned land, clanmembers will help each other to survive and at least to dominate.
Also - this game is an open sandbox. As an admin, as a player, you are able to choose selfrestriction in religion or any other systems of this game. Only your imagination will set you borders.


yeah, i will restrict my self to have 1 god and 1 altar and 1 avatar and then be fcked over by someone who dont give a damn… live in cube with 3 altars and 3 avatars


Agreed. I, too, would like to see players be restricted to one religion at a time (like suggested that they can switch, but only one active religion at a time). But that’s not my call to make. So if the devs want to try the game out where all religions can be embraced simultaneously, that’s their decision. They might try it that way and decide to change their minds later on. Maybe we’ll see religion get more of a DLC expansion in the future (as perhaps when sorcery gets implemented… after they find a replacement, talented computer graphics artist/programmer to render the desired effects)? I could definitely see religion being more effectual in the Conan lore: 1) divine power (energy/elements), 2) demonic power (summoning/transformational), 3) natural (alchemical) power.


but the problem with this could be if you change some core game mechanics after full release when more and more players are used to some sort of game mechanics it has higher changes to get ppl pissed off. EA would be the right time for such testing… so i have really low expectations for any major changes to religion system after 8.5.

this should have been huge part of EA. It should be not even such a big deal to implement this kind of “restriction” for testing, but i guess players like me are locked to private servers…


Yep. I do not really hope for fundamental changes in basic mechanics. This had to be done at the start of EA. I and other players made these suggestions on the steam when the game was release EA. I decided to try to make these suggestions on this forum. It was in vain. After the release, it’s useless to radically change anything.
I saw the reaction of the players to these mechanics on EA. They thought it was funny, but not serious, as all is simple. Players did not make a meaningful choice of religion or race. When the player selects a race, he did not even read the one he chooses. Players chose religion at the beginning of the game on the basis of practical use or for fun. But they did not treat these mechanics seriously and legibly. Because it can always be easily changed talents (yellow lotus) and find teachers. Key phrases: it’s not serious, it’s funny. What does it mean? The answer depends on the player.
We’ll look at the reaction of the players to these mechanics after the release. :slightly_smiling_face:


from other post

i love expansion of religion system…
but its a very big goal
theoretically if devs decide to redo this system, it need A TON of work, content and rebalance
about your ideas, i agree with most of part, but this new system must not to be very complicated
here some of my solutions and ideas (this is just the ideas, numbers, timers and etc are just examples and all of this discussable):

1. Each active god have Blessings\Curses

Blessing - token at altar player can use (just as potion), its gives buff, or maybe even change you for period of time. Each temple tier gives 1-2 types of blessing.
-its not cheap you can only buy it with zeals (strong ones demand a lot of zeals)
-its expire while not used 1h (irl time) for preventing exploits and balance
-examples of blessings (depends on god):
gathering buff
more damage, more stamina
magical weapon (appears in inventory, cant be given, cant be taken)
movement speed
HP regen for you and clan mates very close to you
open closed door\chest (once)
invisibility for special type of enemy
shoot snakes from any bow without arrows
turn into human sized demon, and etc =)
—If players DIES and respawn: blessing effect are gone—

Curses - punishment from gods (gods are watching?). Player take punishment for breaking oath, loosing all faith (zeals), change god. Two types.
Small one - for breaking oath, player immediately lost a zeal(s) from temple, and receive ONE negative buff for some period of time (depends on god)
Example, (10) minutes of:
slow movement
reduced gathering ability
stamina or hp penalty and etc.
Big one – player keep piss off his god, he lost all zeals from temple, and god send a curse
Example, (100) minutes of:
Yog – enormous hunger, all food give only 10% of it potential and hunger rate x10
Mitra – attack reduced by 90%
and etc
The same if player betray his god and built new altar (old one disappears and player receive his curse)
—If players DIES and respawn: timer keeps going…who said gods are nice?—

2. Oath
When player choose god he can see what each gods demands. I think 1-2 oath is enough. Breaking the oath cost zeals and immediately gives you SMALL punishment. After losing all zeals or betray you god, you receive BIG curse.
For ex.:
Yog – player must feast human flesh at least once per 2 days of in game time (only while online)
Npc drops 1 flesh part, real players 2 or maybe 5? So Yoggites now have a purpose hunt down humans and not only gather flowers on PVP. PVE servers people just can live nicely with NPC flesh I think =)
Mitra – player must not kill other human
You can only fight back against humans, its some kind of saint sacrifice, let enemy hit you first. So after attacking the player, NPC or other player name marked red (target crosshair turn red too) so you know which one you can kill free.
And etc depends on gods mythology and Conan books lore

3. About Crom
I think Crom should remain outside of religion system, BUT people who choose that way must receive something. Passive ability and buffs for example.
-steel bars and weapons crafting time (and cost) reduced
-attack and defend bonus while using steel weapons and armor
-bonus in fighting outnumbered
-chance to get help by mysterious woman specter in fight when health below 25% (just spawn transparent friendly npc near you to distract enemys and deal good damage to them for short period of time)
and etc.

4. Some unclear moments
-Blessings work like potions, so people can take it and use when they want, or it only activates on altar?
-Can people worshiping other gods use your blessings?

This system requires worshiping 1 god at same time, but I don’t think it’s a big problem, BTW its more straight to Conan lore. People can learn and use different gods 1 after 1 anyway, or just like that, each clan member worship own god so they can share benefits.

So what this about?

  1. Make religion system more deep and alluring. So players really can invest a lot in it, and much to get in return. Including punishment for disrespecting gods.
  2. Keep Conan mythology straight and charming. No more Mitra priests butchering peps with Yog cleavers for flesh =)
  3. Good replacement for lacking of the sorcery in game.

Thanks for reading and all cheers! Gods are watching!


Crom helps no one that is the basis of his religion.

Crom is the chief god of the Cimmerian pantheon, and he lives within a great mountain, from where he sends forth doom or death. It’s useless to call upon Crom, because he is a gloomy and savage god who despises the weak. However, Crom gives a man courage, free-will, and the strength of will to kill their enemies at birth. Crom doesn’t care if individuals live or die, and he despises weakness, therefore the name of Crom is typically only invoked during an oath or curse. He is the only member of the Cimmerian pantheon named with any regularity.

The Stygian followers of Set worship their deity with human sacrifice and actively venerate serpents, while Ishtar’s worshippers follow the pleasures of the flesh. In Vendhya, the followers of Asura seek truth beyond the illusions of the physical world, and the Hyborian devotees of Mitra are almost Christian in their merging of asceticism with a commitment to compassion and justice. By contrast, Conan remarks in conversation that it is best to avoid doing anything that would draw Crom’s attention, as the god brings down only trouble and doom. As a result, he is not so much worshipped in Howard’s works as invoked in curses and expletives for instance, Conan exclaims things like “Crom and his devils”, or when trying to gather one’s courage.

Crom is never depicted as directly intervening or otherwise explicitly causing any event to occur in the original Conan stories by Robert E. Howard. There is little consistent evidence in his works that Crom actually exists; the existence of demons and highly advanced aliens are confirmed as in the stories “The God in the Bowl” and “The Tower of the Elephant”, while the story “The Phoenix on the Sword” implies that Set is one of H. P. Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones. Howard’s story “Black Colossus” features a princess vocally directed by Mitra to transform Conan into her champion, yet Crom makes no such appearances.

Using Crom’s name as an expletive immediately identifies Conan as being a Cimmerian. Crom is specifically and uniquely considered a Cimmerian god, with other civilizations paying him little attention.

Information from wikipedia.


Everyone is Set’ opponent, he’s an evil god only worshipped by the worst wizards. In the books even Conan sais stuff like “BY YMIR!” and “BY MITRA’S BEARD!”" Its highly implied that everyone worships multiple gods in the books and movies (and comics and graphic novels)

I can see what you’re saying about how if you worship Set you wouldn’t really fit in with the rest of the crowd, but even in game Conan says “these arent the real gods, but fakes”. And he would know, he tried to bang Ymirs daughter…


Ah yes, “The Frost-Giant’s Daughter”, one of the better stories, very evocative that one. Though the stories are all good once you get over the sometimes repetitive backstory (which of course comes from being published in magazine form, where one could never know whether the reader had ever come across the character before).

On-topic, I like that religions in the game are not exclusive, if they were it would lead to never-ending tweaking and balancing, and even more “which God is the best” meta gameplay. It fits the lore better than most people realize, too: Many people in the stories mix and match their worship.


Why is it not right? I WANT TO CHANGE RELIGION if I think another religion offers something that benefits me.

Meaning for what??? It’s a game for pete’s sake.

In real life I might like certain parts of different religions but dislike the rest. Same goes for in game.

So this is what will happen, everyone will chose crom for the attrib, then respec later.

Hint, conan doesn’t pray to crom but he may say “by crom what is this sorcery”, an atheist wouldn’t pray but may say “oh my god”.


Again crom helps no one so why would he grant benefits to followers? I could see maybe a bonus to survival(low bonus as stated players would abuse it) being players have to specifically fend for themselves without religious help.


We already have that. It’s what allows us to thrive compared to all the various other exiles.


I like being able to have access to all of the religions. I am a little selfish that way. However, I would dig/appreciate it if the trainers were a little more challenging. What I mean is rather than running a circuit to go and pick up every religion, each trainer should give you a quest or a task. Or some kind of a combat challenge. Something to prove your worth, showcase your zeal.

Partial example - I actually liked it in early access that Mek-kamoses’ Spire was coated with DEADLY, poison stacking, poison spitting spiders. It made the trip to meet him and speak to him a real test. You had to risk your neck, suffer potentially countless poisonous spider (relevant, though they should be snakes instead) bites in order to earn the ability to craft the antidote to said poison. Very poetic on a certain level.

Spiders used to be a nightmare, and were a legit risk to even the seasoned player. It was all about using a shield tactically. And if you got 4 or more poison stacks on you, buh-bye!

RIP tuff spiders. :frowning:

Add to the challenge to discover the religious trainers. Maybe some of them are a quest, maybe others are just a swarm of deadly, poison stacking pit vipers. I would rather see the unlocking of each of these religions as more of a “badge” of accompishment rather than the norm.


Being completely un-read of the Conan books, etc., and weakly read in Lovecraft, I am convinced that the star metal meteors are actually one of the Great Old Ones trying regularly to smite, deface, or otherwise strike out at Ymir. :slight_smile:

And whomever/whatever it is, they keep lobbing crap at him. :smiley: Over and over. :smiley:


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