Suggestion: Option to disable inventory preview

Not sure if this has ever been suggested, but it would be nice if Funcom allowed the ability for players to disable the inventory preview for all containers, benches, etc.

As a PS4 player, I noticed that I have a greater chance of my game crashing by running past crates that are full of items. From my experience the preview is a memory hog. There is a slow down on the PS4 if the character cursor passes too fast over many containers, something that could be avoided if we could disable it. I personally don’t mind and prefer opening containers/benches,etc. manually. If there was a box I could tick to disable the preview I could have less issues.


welcome to the forum :+1: . It’s an option , a logical one , why not, I support the idea .


Thank you.

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It does seem like that would improve client performance so its worth asking about.


Im totally in.
Im always positive on giving more OPTIONs, especially the ones that can improve gameplay / performance!


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