Suggestion: Other ways of obtaining Folk Dancers

First of all, I know you have very little time and resources on your hand and this suggestion should be low on the priority list as there are more pressing issution to handle off course.

I just wonder if it would be possible to add Folk Dancers to the Potent Relics Collector or purchasable by some other tokens to the game.

The Troupe Master achivement to get female and male Folk Dancer Versions of all the diffrent races (8 in total) just seem so unobtainable. I am still only 4/8 on my main after 5(?) years of World Bossing ( (and I dont think Im even that unlucky as some others) and to get the right one, on the right character just seems like so much to ask as the drop rate is so incredible low anyway.

As I said, dont get this high on priority but as it probably (without knowing to much about coding) doesnt take to much I would be eternally grateful if you could add other way of obtaining then being very, very, very lucky with what the RNGesus throws at you. @Mussagana

Edit: Gilding Token vendor would be another option to buy them :slight_smile:


Yes I have over 1000 T4 relics and hundreds of T5 and T6 relics, I would love to get the WB pets, Folk dancers etc… One a month portent relic for the 16 pets takes YEARS to complete (like close to 5). Let alone the random drops for Folk dancers and rings etc that are helpful for other classes.


All that was said above, or please at least increase the drop rate. I opened over 100 boxes the last couple of months and didn’t get any dancer, not even those I already have :slight_smile:

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Good idea, the drop rate is very low, and as with all pets you can get same twice…or more, the system does noc check if you already have it. That is a big problem for itself.

But I am totally against adding more pets to the Gilding Vendors. Of course like almost everyone else I collect pets on my main, but I do not need anything from the shop lottery boxes on that toon anymore. I am too lazy right now to calculate, but with getting only 2 tokens from a box the item at the Gilding Vendors are ridicolously, like CRAZY, overpriced anyway. It would take hundrets of dollars or euros to buy all those pets.

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Would be nice if they added them to gilding vendor but they should also increase chances for gilding tokens.
Guaranteed token from every exemplar cache and 2 from every paragon cache?

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